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McDVoice: This website portal is helpful for customers to participate in the McDonald’s survey program which has several questions based on their visit.

Customers can access the survey website at In order to participate in the McDonald’s customer survey, users need to have a valid receipt.

Have you been frequently dining in at McDonald’s or are ordering their meals at home, and you feel that there is something that needs to be improved in their food or services? If so, you can go to the McDVoice portal ie., to tell them about your concerns.

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How to take Mcdonald’s Survey?

Here is how you can complete your McDonald customer survey. You need not spend extra time and effort in having your voice heard.

This customer survey is very easy and simple to complete ie., like the

You will need a store receipt for this survey.

Here is the easy process :

  1. Go to
  2. Type in the store and order number and KS number on your store receipt on the space provided.
  3. Indicate the date of your last visit to a McDonald’s restaurant.
  4. Indicate the amount you spent.
  5. Tell McDonald’s how you ordered your meal.
  6. Tell them if you are satisfied with the food and the services you are provided.
  7. Give your satisfaction rating about the meal, restaurant cleanliness, the staff, the menu, and so forth.
  8. Indicate the likelihood of your revisiting and telling your friends about this location.
  9. Type in the number of people who were with you and the frequency you go to McDonald’s to eat.
  10. Type in the validation code on your receipt.
  11. Bring this code and receipt in your next visit to McDonald’s to get a discount coupon.

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Requirements for McdVoice :

McDonald’s urges every one of the clients to take part in their McDvoice survey. Consequently, as the client, you ought not to miss the opportunity to voice your criticism. Before beginning your survey, you should check their rules. Here are some basic rules to be followed/remembered:

Who can participate in the survey program

This survey program is for people who are residents of the US and age must be 18 yrs old. Employees of McDonald’s can’t participate in the program.

McDonald’s Receipt & Validity :

Make sure your receipt has a 26-digit survey code printed correctly. If the survey code is not visible properly, request the employee to reprint the receipt.

This survey code is valid for 7 days only so you should participate in the survey program within 7 days. On the 8th day, your survey code will be invalid and you can’t participate in the survey program. Similar to the same is applicable in the survey program.

Limitations :

Each customer can participate in the survey not more than 5 times a month. However, there are no restrictions on your purchase at McDonald’s.

Coupon code : 

Once you complete the survey, you will get a coupon code which you can use along with your next purchase at any McDonald’s outlet. Also, the coupon code validity is for 30 days only.

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The majority of them waste their receipt subsequent to paying the bill. They never take a gander at the offer for taking the survey imprinted on their receipt. For example, McDonald’s survey encourages the eatery to assess their business. Each member will get a McDvoice coupon code in the wake of completing the survey.

McDvoice assembles the information about how fulfilled their clients are by making a few inquiries. The surveys are about the nature of their sustenance and administration. In addition, a few inquiries are about the state of McDonald’s eatery including the restroom.

Likewise, McDonald’s Customer Sweepstakes Survey gives an area to record your sentiment. In this remark segment, you can state whether McDonald’s is sufficient or need to change.

McDonald’s Way of Getting Your Opinion

You must have a favorite meal which you often order in McDonald’s. And this is what this burger master wants to know. This company also would like to know how they can better serve the meals you are always ordering. You can share these thoughts and other concerns on this website and help the company improve more in the way they provide you these meals.

If you find any difficulties in submitting your survey, feel free to comment below your opinions or your problem with McD voice. We hope this platform will be useful to share some knowledge.

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  1. I really like the pharmacy for non prescriptions as they are not taxed so i can buy eyewipes for 18.99 not 23.05 from CVS.

  2. McDonalds Salads are the best

  3. Higgginsville MO store on 13 & truman road.. I have been a customer from the first day it opened.. I am usually there every day and sometimes more ..we know when they are getting ready for an inspection. today as I entered the store I saw Rob on his hands and knees scrubbing underneath the tables . He is not a teenager anymore and he should not be the one scrubbing the floor there are other men that could be doing that.. Mcdonalds should be glad they have an employee that always does his best to greet customers and always has a smile for all…. thanks Rob

  4. this mcDonalds is very fast and efficient.

    • we found are visit very efficient

  5. The quarter pounder with cheese is a great tasting burger, I love that meat it’s thick and it looks as good as it taste. WHAT A BURGER.

    • great the non perscription items are cheaper than CVS


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