Satisfaction Survey to Understand The Customer Experience

What is a satisfaction survey used for?

A satisfaction survey makes it possible to organize the way in which we will collect and analyze the elements relating to the expectations and satisfaction of customers with regard to a brand, a product or even a service.

Satisfaction obviously implies a lived experience for the customer. Satisfaction is defined as a positive psychological state of an individual or a legal person, expressing – explicitly or not – his satisfaction. Kroger Satisfaction survey can be found at 50 fuel pt bonus.

What is the interest for your business?

The satisfaction survey is an effective tool that can present several interests for your company, I quote for example:

  • Know the expectations, needs, preferences, priorities, or even the causes of dissatisfaction of your customers;
  • Measure the satisfaction levels or the performance of your business;
  • Compare your performance to that of competitors;
  • Respond to questions that may arise;
  • Solicit ideas or points for improvement;
  • Educate your team and encourage them to always do their best to satisfy your customers.

3. How do you go about it?

To do the krogerfeedback, I suggest you follow a few essential steps:

Define your goals and target:

What do you want to measure? What are the objectives of your survey?

Depending on your needs, your target can represent all of your customers or just a representative part of them.

Define your sample, making sure it is as representative as possible.

Determine the period of your satisfaction survey:

It is necessary to define when the survey will be submitted. You have 3 choices:

  • A one-off survey: which consists of measuring your sample’s satisfaction with a product or service defined at a given time.
  • A periodic survey: which consists of improving from one survey to another and evaluating the actions taken each time. These surveys are carried out according to a time sequence defined by you (every quarter for example).
  • The surveys continuously: they are surveys that are automatically released to customers who bought one of your products on your website for example.

Develop your questionnaire

Your questionnaire should be well worked out in advance. It’s very important. This is the element that promotes your response rate. Your survey and your questionnaire must have a single objective or the interviewee will be lost. Vary your questions and organize them into large sections. Your questionnaire should not be too long to avoid the fatigue of the interviewee.

Our “Kroger SURVEY BOX” solution available on or or allows you to create as many questionnaires as you wish with all the varieties of questions possible and imaginable. It also gives you a sort-flat analysis.

Disseminate surveys

You have the choice between several survey administration modes:

  • Face-to-face interview
  • Telephone interview
  • The self-administered questionnaire by post, fax or via an internet form, etc.

Analyze your results

Analyze the criteria of each question and study the correlations between your data to enrich the analysis. There are several forms of statistical analysis:

  • The sorting flat : which give an idea of the results and are generally accompanied by charts illustrating a comprehensive way the results.
  • The cross-tabulations : these tables to determine whether there are links between the two issues. You will obtain, for example, all the results of the survey by age category of the interviewees.

Before you start:

Know that the satisfaction survey, well used, is an excellent tool to improve the understanding of the needs of your customers and to retain them thereafter. From a commercial point of view, it is interesting to indicate to your customers all the actions are taken and the improvements made following your satisfaction survey.

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