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303 thoughts on “Enter Survey at KrogerFeedback.com”

  1. I go to Kroger’s on Shelby Dr and Elvis Presley in Memphis, about 3 to 4 times a week. I truly enjoy going to the store because to the variety of items in the store. The produce department is stocked most of the times and have the items I am looking for to fix the various dishes I am fixing. The meat department is very beautifully aligned and presented with a fresh look. The store is clean and the lighting is fabulous. The employees and managers are very kind to me and I have observed them dealing with disgruntle disrespectful customers and I have never seen an employee of Kroger’s go off on them. They are always smiling and showing respect at the Kroger’s on Shelby Dr and Elvis Presley. ***I did go to the Kroger’s on 7427 Goodman Road in Mississippi, and although they had more items the customer service was not quite the same except when I went to the meat department. That young man show the same respect at the Kroger’s in Memphis. I must admit the Kroger’s in Mississippi had more store items than in Memphis. The lighting in both stores were great. I love Kroger stores also because of the pricing on items as well. God Bless!

  2. I had to shop for a sick friend, and came to your store for her needed items. I found everything, and was impressed with the cleanliness and the abundance of items available.

  3. You carry Morningstar brand but don’t carry the black bean burgers in the calhoun, ga store. Can you considering adding it?

  4. I just had one of your Kroger brand hams for our Christmas dinner. it was the worst I have ever had, almost ruined our dinner. quality was obviously 2nd’s . if that is what you are going to sell, let it be known. we could have bought a Smithfield ham at Walmart for the same price.

  5. It will not take my survey #, the 4th # is 3 digits and it will only take two !!!! Why did you make this a pain in the rump to do anymore ?

  6. Soda pop was on sale 4/$10. I looked at my receipt when I got home and I wasn’t given the discount. I had to return to the store and go to customer service to get it corrected. The clerk was very polite and helpful. Could you make sure this doesn’t happen in the future. I don’t like to have to check receipts and go back to the store. One thing that is always great are your employees. They are always super. Thank you.

  7. Susan has provided me with excellent, cheerful and professional service for the last number of years. She is a top notch employee!

  8. I have been waiting in line for fuel in the evening while driving home, sometimes I have to wait an hour or more in the line. Decided to try getting fuel before going to work, no wait time at all. Glad everyone wants to wait “til night. I’ll opt for mornings. Thank you

  9. What a pleasure to work with your girls at the fried chicken counter. Teresa was so helpful when ordering chicken tenders. I will ask for her next time. She even gave me a sample of the chicken tenders

  10. The cashier Missy and the girl bagging Gloriana did a great job with a smile,very pleasant and this is the reason we shop at the Florence store.Thanks for everything

  11. I absolutely enjoy shopping at Kroger on Knox Road in North Augusta. The store is always bright and clean. The have terrific sales on fresh fruits and veggies. The managers keep the store running smoothly…wait lines are kept at a minimum.

  12. Tried to enter my number and the third number slot will only take 2 Ticket shows 217 and I can enter a 21 or 17 what gives

  13. Shopped at the store on Western Av, South Bend, In. As I was leaving, I noticed I was over charged. I went to the customer service desk. I found out it was closed until 1:30 and since it was 1:15 I decided to wait. That way I wouldn’t have to make a trip back to the store. FINALLY at 1:50 it reopened and my turn came at 1:58. Some people stood in line for 10 minutes after the office was supposed to be opened, then left. This type of service is unacceptable!!

  14. Claudette Girouard

    I went to Krogers 11-3-19 and there were no shopping carts. Waited with 6 other people for a cart. Carts came in, got my cart and when I entered the store there were 6 additional people waiting for carts – no carts. Entered the store and was confronted by a LARGE personal shopper’s cart filling orders. Navigated around several of these carts, only to be met with more personal shopping carts down different aisles. These carts block the ability to navigate the aisles as only one regular size shopping cart can pass it. Aisles are blocked, you can’t get to the ITEM you want. A suggestion was made to the store manager that the cart corrals be marked “LARGE CARTS” and next to it “SMALL CARTS”. The store manager said the customers would never do it. If a customer is taking the time to return the cart, they would DEFINITELY park them appropriately.

  15. Griffin was my check attendant today. He is always a bright spot at this store. He’s always upbeat and great to talk to. He engages the customers in an authentic way. He makes my day better when I get to talk with him. He would be a wonderful manager at this store, but I would hope it would not take him away from the customer experience

  16. I do not have an I’d number. I bought groceries at north Fred Meyer medford or on 10/27/19. Barbara the clerk, was very pleasant and helpful. Forgot to put one bag in my cart. I did not realize it until I got home and went to fix dinner. Called the store and talked to a male. He made me feel that it was my fault because he keep saying this lady forgot a bag of groceries. When he came back said they had the bag. I at 5hat time informed him that I did not forgot but the clerk failed to put it in my cart. When I went in on 10/28 I went to the return desk and a man named Donald waited on me. Told me they didn’t have my bag. Had to ask what do I do then. He stated that I need to go get the items and come back. Asked him if it was my fault or the clerks. He said it was both and I really fault be littled. I have been shopping at this Fred Meyers since 1995. If I wanted to be the one responsible I would shop at winco. Donald does not have customer service skills and should not be around the public. I’m not sure if I talked to him on 10/27 but I think it was.

  17. Christine Bellafaire

    I understand that Kroger is having some financial difficulties. However these are going to get worse at this location in particular because of the following:
    1. The wait at the deli is ridiculous, especially on weekends. On Sundays, the wait can be as much as 45 minutes. Yesterday I waited 1/2 hour, and that was only because they skipped (6) tickets for people who gave up and left. I live within walking distance of this store, but I do not have this amount of time to waste.
    Also, the wait at the registers is unnecessarily long because there often are not enough cashiers. The shelves are not full, I tried to purchase some common items like Woolite, etc. and they were not even there. I no longer get the $2.00 reward coupon with my prescriptions. And, a small thing, however something that forces me to go to another supermarket and spend less at this store. They eliminated providing the free community magazines and weekly Vegas magazine. Why? I now stop at Albertson’s to get these and, guess what? Spend grocery money there. You are no longer accepting VISA credit cards which is a definite customer inconvenience. I know VISA charges are high but that is a cost of doing business. I have several credit cards, however several are VISA. I am forced to use my debit card. I lose out on points on my VISA cards. Don’t you realize that all of this driving your customers away? By the way, you have a new gentleman at the seafood/meat counter at this store who calls every woman “dear” or “young lady”, terms such as this. This is an insult. I am 67 years old and will not stand for this kind of disrespect. Despite the extreme convenience of this store for me, I am tired of this. There are other stores to go to on my way home from work. I do not need to get my prescriptions there either, I go to CVS quite often. CUSTOMER SERVICE AND QUALITY IS WHAT KEEPS CUSTOMERS LOYAL. DON’T YOU KNOW THAT? Walmart is right down the street, and they deliver. Albertson’s and Target are nearby. Summerlin is on my way home, there are plenty of stores there. If this continues, do not be surprised if your chain goes out of business. There are plenty of customer service focused companies to take your place.

  18. Great service and almost always a smile. There is a girl with long blonde hair that is always helpful and in a good mood.

  19. This was one of the worst shopping experience that I had in a time! I spend $193.00,and had to wait 30 minutes in the checkout line. There were10 people in line,with FULL shopping carts and only 2 cashiers. Then to add insult to injury there was only 1 bagger! I had to bag my own groceries after having to pay this much money to your fabulous store even though you had 5-6 employees doing your damn clicklist!!! Take care of your customers in the store first. The only bright spot in this fiasco was the cashier Diana who did her best to calm tempers and soothe nerves.I don’t know who the manager is of this store is,BUT he has taken a good store and is driving it into the ground! He should be fired on the spot!!! Wal-Mart is starting look better and better all the time. I am not a new shopper here, I have shopped Kroger for to many years to count, but that may be coming to an end. I dont know if you ever read these but if you do and want to contact me, you can e-mail me at [email protected]. I would have taken your survey but I was so angry I threw my receipt away!

  20. FRANK Inderbitzen

    I left a basket full of groceries at Kroger yesterday afternoon. I was stocking up on some basic items while I picked up what I actually needed. I waited far too long waiting on the checker try to resolve a coupon problem over a nonfood item. She and the customer apologized to me for the long delay. I finally gave up and tried to go to another checker. The few lines that were open had grown in length. I waked out and went across the street to Sprouts, picked up what I needed and got in and out quickly. I am certainly not going to reward a retailer by checking out my own groceries. I went across the street to Sprouts and purchased what I needed. If Kroger is phasing out full service cashiers, I will shop somewhere else.

  21. Please bring back customer service by opening more checkouts with a human instead of Machines where you have to do the work. What happened to the family friendly checkouts? Next you’ll want me to pump my own gas.

  22. Why make logging on for fuel points……also, when I have problems shopping & enter it in the feedback…nothing happens or changes. So I no longer will give comments or suggestions. They are probably never read, so , when I finally get to comments, I put NOTHING, because it is ignored thank you

  23. Had a great shopping experience , Your cashier Jinnette K made my check out fast and made sure I got everything that was needed for my event I want to Thank her and She needs to be recognized , I will be back for my shopping needs

  24. Jeremiah B was a very efficient & cheerful checker. He asked me if I’d checked my eggs. Kevin is always cheerful & intent on doing his job well.

  25. I go to the store closet to my house for my meds and knick knacks. This store is such a cluttered dirty mess. I have to travel into town to shop at a nice well supplied store. If it wasn’t for the gas saving points, I would change my shopping market all together

  26. I used Kroger pick up for my groceries,placed my order and had downloaded my e coupons.
    I placed my order before 12 midnight so that the 3 day sale coupons applied. Some applied and some didn’t, I returned to the store to return the items that didn’t scan right.
    I had to explain to Eddie at Customer service that the order was paid for before midnight so the coupons should have applied, he asked if he could see my phone to see the coupons, well duh! They expired on Sunday. They would no longer be in my phone.
    Not the greatest customer service skills ,certainly not friendly or engaging. Almost had an accusatory or demeaning response to my issues. I just discovered that I have to RETURN to the store again because he didn’t credit my entire return!!!!! Damnit!
    Really !! Ugh!
    I shop East lake pavillion all the time. Daryl in floral WOW! Sheri in the cheese shop TERRIFIC!

  27. I shop at Kroger at least once a week. The store is always clean and the perishable merchandise is always FRESH. Today, I only went n to buy the white grapes for 99 cent a pound. I saved $23.66 and spent $54.10. The employees are always friendly and helpful.

  28. Every Item in my home is Kroger. I love all your products but I bought the Oatmeal Peaches & Cream
    & had to return it because it just has a awful taste to it. I have asked many of my friends about it &
    they said the same thing. Just letting you know. I will continue to buy Kroger but the oatmeal peaches & cream has be off my list.

  29. The Deli and Butcher Counters , especially the Deli, look like they have had food sitting out for hours. EXTREMELY UNAPPETIZING! They don’t even try to stir it or refill it, or as a more practical matter, remove the MESS! one has to really scrutinize what they order at these counters.

  30. Kroger employees are very efficient and really make my shopping experience pleasant,it makes it worth my time and energy.

  31. I have been shopping at the store just the first day it open I know a lot of employees that work in the store by name swell stock very clean fresh meat fresh produce the employees always tell women to help if you need it check out little congested sometimes because it’s a lot of people live in the area like the store lot.

  32. My fiance and I shopped at Kroger on October 8th in the early evening hours. We were not happy with the young bag boys that were working that evening. The one young man that was bagging our groceries was tossing things into the bag randomly so that the items in the bag were off skew and lopsided. I actually stood beside him and had to re- position everything he was making a mess of. He never regarded me by making eye contact nor did he speak to me. I realized he probably couldn’t see me through the mess of hair in his eyes. On the way out, we witnessed the other bag boy pick up a receipt off of the cashier counter and throw it on the floor and walk away.

  33. One if your front managers, Melissa #520, was so very helpful last night and she is certainly an asset to your store! Thank you so much for having such a helpful person in your Camelback Colonnade store !

  34. While shopping yesterday, I encountered a ‘clerk’ (bagger, runner, cart-collector -whatever you call them)
    named Sandy. The cologne was SO STRONG that even in the parking lot, I did not want to follow her.
    It made me sick! When I checked out, Dylan could see how ill it made me and hurried me through, bagging my groceries himself to keep her from coming any closer or to help me. Oh my, I have smelled it before but didn’t want to say anything. Dylan was so sweet and encouraged me to fill out the survey. It was really quite obnoxious to smell and I don’t want to be around it. I will go somewhere else.

  35. I was told Thursday night they would have it ready at at 9 am then was told Friday morning they couldn’t have it ready until Monday after 3. I told them I couldn’t go without it until Monday and suddenly thy had 8 of them .

  36. I shop @ Pick ‘N Save stores in Green Bay and Appleton WI.The stores are all laid out very well, pricing is fair and I love the fuel program

  37. The deli department is very efficient. Everyone there is usually friendly, courteous, and efficient!! Today I wanted to give special attention to Danielle who took care of me today. She seems to enjoy her job and pleasing her customers. She is wonderful! I truly appreciate and admire her attention to all facets of her job…..especially her positive attitude and her great smile!!!

  38. Enjoy the convenience of the overall store. Always clean and orderly. Have noticed lately in the Deli, the case for chicken and jo jo’s, corn dogs are only left with crumbs and when do have chicken etc in the trays, it all looks burnt. Often have received roticerie chickens to be under cooked and have actually through them away.

  39. Happy with the cleanliness of the store. Also, happy with selections , Kroger’s has always had a better selection of products. I like the different coupons offered through Kroger’s I have been able to save money .

  40. We always enjoy shopping a Fred Meyers. although we (many Times) have trouble finding groceries that we need. Have to ask directions a lot. Very clean and friendly store.

  41. I had the very best customer service during this shopping trip on 10/06/2019 . A store mgr., a particularly observant woman, saw me fading (I am a cancer patient) while standing in line to check-out & quickly opened a cashier up & not only took me to the check out counter, but also unloaded my basket & helped the bagger (Bethany) bag me groceries & told Bethany to load my groceries into my car. Alma, the checker, was quick & efficient. I can’t remember when I’ve had such proficient and friendly service, if ever. I wrote their names down so I could commend them for their service to me, the customer. Hopefully, their name tags were correct… Kidding.

  42. Dana F Lutz-Kookoothe

    I was happy that Ramon came over and told us he was opening a check-out line but it concerns me that after I put one of my bags up and was separating our groceries and looking for my other bags. He removed my bag from the conveyor belt.
    After I had completed sorting and flu d the rest of my bags, I had to ask him if he had seen my other bag so I could pack my groceries.
    He goes oh this. After I had been looking all over the counter and on the ground for it.

  43. The Fry’s store on North Swan in Tucson is always clean and staffed by pleasant employees. I make an effort to go through Larry’s (cashier) line because he greets every person and is efficient.

  44. I have been a frequent shopper at this store for years now. Due to my disability, I have not been able to work, for years. I did manage to get my drivers license recently, and I am now in need of employment. I applied to several Kroger’s and I have barely heard from them since.
    How I feel about this situation is the least of my problems. Without any opportunity to earn even a modest income could affect me terribly.
    Presently, when I go to the grocery store, in order to conserve my savings, I just buy only what I need and nothing more. (If I could find a lower cost place, I’d start shoppping there.)
    This situation has made me reconsider the wisdom of continuing to shop at this or any other Kroger. If I can’t earn even a modest income, well then I won’t be shopping anywhere at all.
    I hope this complaint permits me a chance at a possible part time position, which I feel I have so far been denied. Failing that, I will seriously consider lodging formal complaints with the EEoC.
    Living with a debilitating disability is no fun. (Btw; it’s Legal Blindness.)
    Mistakes happen; perhaps I did not impress upon the recruiters at the Kroger family place how bad my condition is and how badly it affected my ability to gain employment. I hope this mistake can soon be rectified.

    P.S. The Kroger brand of concentrated orange juice keeps going bad far too soon.

  45. I was shopping at your Pico Canyon Road store in Stevenson Ranch, CA on Friday, October 4. I wanted to purchase T-bone steaks which were on sale for $5.99/lb. There were none in the meat case. Fred, the meat department manager, was preparing to shelve a large quantity of meat products. He was working alone yesterday. I asked about the T-bone steaks. He said he would need to cut some for me since he was the only one working at the time. He said it would take a few minutes. I was not in a hurry. After ten minutes had passed, he returned with many packages of steaks. He apologized profusely for taking so long. I told him no apology was necessary. I purchasd two packages. I appreciated that he stopped stocking the meat case to cut the steaks for me.

    We are often quick to give negative feedback but less likely to take the time to express positive feedback. As I told Fred, he took the time to help me; I would take the time to express my gratitude.

    I do hope he receives positive recognition from corporate offices for his efforts.

    Thank you

  46. We love the Ruler store. We shop there at least once a week. The products are always good and the prices are lower than most other stores. Also, the people are friendly and helpful.

  47. Was in the pharmacy today to get my second shingle. I had to wait and was another person for the shot and another person sitting and waiting for meds. They were busy in the back and while waiting a older man came up while the one girl was waiting on drive up. He was tapping his card on counter and The gal which was Amy told him she be right with him. when she finally got to the window he was complaining why the pharmacist didn’t acknowledge him while he was waiting on this other gentleman that was getting a shingle shot. He brought in a prescription and I think he thought she could fill it right then. told him nicely it would be 20 min and she would try and get it done sooner. Three of us were there before him. Needless to say he came back to get his med and Amy was ringing him up and starts to get excited about what was coming up on cash register which she wasn’t finished yet with the discount and told him. she kept apologizing to him and went over and beyond being nice. I have been coming to this store since it opened and Amy has been there since day one. Let me tell you the guy was a real A__s. Amy kept it together until he walk away and we could see as she was walking away she was crying. Never had I witness such a rude person. we all felt bad for her.

  48. I have been a loyal customer for many years . My store is located on76Th and Rawson in Franklin.
    The personnel are all great but your mark down departments are not especially bakery. Out of date items are incorrectly marked. I recently purchased two items incorrectly marked. If I would have not
    tasted one item my wife would have eaten something for which she has an allergy . Many items are mismarked . I will also enter my complaints on a blog. This store has gone downhill since you have taken over. I have started to shop at other stores near my location.

  49. Hello, we are John and Sandy, We have been Kroger customers for over 30 years. The past two years the store on the State of Franklin has changed drastically. What with first rearranging the isles, then the new automation. It is no longer a pleasure to shop there. It is not stocked well and to their defense it is near the University but, when you know more items are used it would make since to work harder to keep it stocked by brining in more items. Also the automation is a mess. If it’s just a handful of things of course it’s much easier to use the automated machines, but sometimes when we are buying a great deal of things I don’t feel like scanning every item. It’s a hassle and it seems the store has let most of their regular workers go or have them standing in front of the autos to direct people to use them. Not happy. Lastly we can’t seem to find any of the sale items. Again when you run a sale looks like you would have more than one beat up box of Cheezits on the second day of a sale. Sad. It reminds us of how K-mart was doing when we stopped shopping there. We will only go to your store if we HAVE to now. You have lost an old customer. Really disappointed!

  50. Called for a refill at Pharmacy, no one answered phone all day. I needed refill THAT day! Had to wait next day. Poor. Customer Service. Next day went to drive through and it was CLOSED. VERY INCINVENTIENT! Had to park car and go in just for one refill. Terrible LONG line!!

  51. use Maysville Kroger for majority of purchases for groceries and other items
    Rarely that the store doesn’t have what I need

    1. I sometimes have to buy groceries online and when I do the groceries are usually in pretty good shape but this time, the strawberries were rotten I didn’t get half of what I ordered and the customer service representative I spoke with told me what happened,but regardless of the missing groceries I shouldn’t have been charged for thank you.

  52. Gloria Sanders Rose

    I went to my local Kroger store on Sunday evening, Sept. 22, 2019. The store was very crowded. I had decided to make chicken salad for lunch the next day and needed Miracle Whip. I found the location, but the shelf was empty. Light Miracle Whip was there but no ORIGINAL Miracle Whip. I asked an attendant that was stocking shelves. She said she would look in the back. She came right back with enough Miracle Whip to stock the shelf!!! I was so grateful and surprised, I asked her name. Temeka she told me. Kudos to Temeka, you need more employees like her at this location. Most employees here don’t care enough to look for missing products on empty shelves.

  53. It was a very nice visit, but Emma charged me for two Polar Bar single,s instead of one. The cashier’s need to be more careful. thanks Beth vanderlois shopped at 511 w calumet in Appleton, wi 54914

  54. I shop at the Logan, WV Kroger store and they have the friendliest store in West Virginia. The manager there is wonderful. You can talk to him about anything from their products to the parking lot and he will take care of the problem and he makes you feel like the most important customer in the store. It is a good feeling when you walk in and he calls you be name out of all the people in the store. I hope you as a company realize what a great person you have in this manager and you treat him well. And I hope you keep him here. The employees are really friendly and so are the baggers and the outside people. I have to use a wheelchair because I am handicapped and everyone is so accommodating to me. It is a pleasure to shop at this store. Julia A. Crum

    1. I shop at Kroger North in Bloomington, Indiana. I met the nicest cashier (Liz) today, 9/17/2019. I had not seen her before. Entry data 021 154 26 928 22 48. She was so courteous and friendly. So polite. When I left the store and almost to my car, she came running out with a bag I forgot. What a wonderful lady. Thank you, again, Liz.

    2. I bought a beautiful cake for my daughters birthday it was great!!!!! The lady who decorated it did an awesome job! Her name is krona Tucker at the kroger in Indiana

  55. I love Krogers and I have for years. And I love the new redesign of the new Krogers. One problem. I tried to fill out the survey and I can’t put in all of the information from my receipt. So what do I do. Thank you.. Melissa Hensley.

  56. Henriette McCaughrin

    Kroger Pharmacist is always very helpful and pleasant. He waited on me this morning, August 24, 2019. Sorry I don’t know his name, nor how to fill out the survey online.

  57. Store is clean, employees are friendly and helpful when you need help. Like the fuel discount. Almost always able to park where I want to enter the store. The bags are not packed to heavy for me.

  58. I love the fuel points to get discounts on my fuel at Kroger stations. I also love the coupons I receive in the mail for products I buy repeatedly. I shop exclusively at Kroger for these reasons.

    1. I want to change my address to 8110 old spring street. Mount pleasant Wisconsin 53406 thank you & to let you know how l appreciate saving money at your store thank you. Marie Moriarity

  59. There is nowhere on this website to enter the date, time and entry #, for the store visit.

    Today I had an awful experience with your app. at the store location. The app. initially launched, but kept stopping. The store had marked certain items, that required a digital coupon attached to the shopping card, but when I was able to search, the items were not found. Then the app. stopped working, and have since been unable to launch the app.

    The Date: 08/04/2019
    The Time: 03:36 pm
    Entr ID: 620-262-156-412-7-163

  60. Love this Dillon’s! Feels like home! And I love the few familiar faces of the staff members who have been they’re ever since I can remember!

  61. Conward woodfell

    I shop Kroger’s almost daily. I love the cleanliness and the helpful staff. I feel very safe in our Kroger’s

  62. I was at store 1776 in Murfreesboro TN. Kylie and Merry Jo both were a great help to me. The store was clean and I was able to shop with my 10 year old son quickly. This made me happy.

  63. i totally understand, i cannot even find a way to enter this much other than to add to yours in that this is a total piece of crap and kroger doesn’t give a shit about any of us except for how much money we can give them.

  64. Thank you for our new store. It is amazing and I love going shopping there; the south loop in Conroe, Texas.
    All the merchandize is fresh, always and everything is clean and the employees are always helpful.

  65. I went to typing to go to the website but can’t find the survey..so how can I get bonus points for fuel. Does me no good if I can’t get to the survey to take it..it used to be easy to get to it now I can’t figure out what I did to not find it…ugh

  66. I don’t know if anyone will pay attention but I do need to comment. I bake. Baking is chemistry. Your wet.to dry I ingredients must be accurate. Your Private Selection European Style butter short changes the baker. Packaging it in 7oz packages requires a baker to buy more. Instead of doing that I buy Land ‘O Lakes European Style unsalted. Of course I can buy it almost anywhere. Unlike sugar and other producers scaling down the quantity, they have been charging prices for 4 lb. packages what used to be charged for 5 lb packages. As consumers we aren’t supposed to notice, but we do. Wake up!

  67. What happened to Kroger? I am 76 years young and can remember going with my mom weekly ( 1950’s and 60’s) to buy grocerys. Kroger was the top for miles around ( Covington, Va) I pass several stores to go to Kroger. Lidl, Aldi so forth.The one I visit is 14101 Midlothian TurnpikeMidlothian, Va,Parking lot always a mess(carts). ON 7-6-2019, when the doors opened the dirty stench was awful,dirty area. I’ve never seen a smiling face from any employee, don’t want to be there I guess, seems as there is no work ethic anymore. Please don’t make me start shopping at Food Lion or one of the others. Please bring back the old Kroger I knew as a kid. Thanks for listening.

  68. Have been marketing @ Kroger’s the last 4 years since I retired, great produce, everything my wife and I need. The staff is kind and helpful, cashiers: Jamie, Heather and baggers Bart & Tom are great
    Michael Smith

  69. I shop at the Dayton ,NV Smith’s store and have not been disappointed with the products or the service. Like many others who have commented on the service, I too am happy with the friendliness and willingness to help you with your questions or take you to the product that you are looking for from all the staff, cashiers and carry out persons. Like another person’s comment, I do not like the self check outs (at any store. I refuse to use them). When I shop there, I buy a lot as I live 30 miles away (one direction) and can’t go to the store frequently. So there is a lot of groceries that need to be counted. So as long as there are several real live cashiers, I will continue to shop there. On my last visit to the store, my cashier was Morgan and the carry out person was Carolynne, who took me grocery cart to my car without being asked. Thank you both.

  70. I would like to let Kroger know that I enjoy going to do all my shopping due to all the employees are always so helpful no matter what section you are at. The store is also clean even the restrooms and the cost is great just like all your cashiers are very courtesy today was Belinda. Thank You

    1. They are usually courteous… the morning shift is the best! However, with all the SCAN lanes, they have cut way back on customer service! Not enough cashiers in the lanes!

    2. I went to say hi to meet gag and quagmire banded me from the store cuz I wanted to sniff the curb co! Like WTH! AM I NOT ALOUD TO SNIFF THE CORN COB CO!

    1. Kenneth Hoffmaster

      I input my receipt info and code from Ruler Foods on krogerfeedback several days ago but never got the 50 reward points. Why would it let me go all the way through and finish the input but not give me the points?

  71. I keep going to krogerfeedback.com but it does not bring it up anymore like it used to so I am loosing fuel points!! I have been to KROGER twice and have tried to do this 2 differnt times over the last several weeks. Not working so I guess this is a scam!!!

    Ready to shop somewhere else!!!

    1. AND they only give you three days now to enter it into the system…. Seems like they are trying to take fuel points away.. I have the same problem when entering. Isn’t even as friendly on some of your receipts.

    2. I agree. I can’t access the feedback to get my fuel points. If this doesn’t get fixed soon I’m shopping elsewhere.

    3. Kroger fuel always initially charges me $150.00 until the charge on my American Express card clears. This causes problems with my account!

    4. I am having the exact same issue. It’s very frustrating . I feel as if Kroger is lying to me and taking advantage of my shopping dollar. It’s like a bait and switch


      smith’s in sugarhouse area of Salt Lake City is an enjoyable experience in
      shopping fair prices with sales and courteous employees.

    2. Jacqueline Glenn

      I am not replying to any comments here but I want to say I have not been pleased the customer service from both stores near my house. My complaint is the cashiers, most of them don’t greet us customers or end the transaction with thank you. Many of them looks unhappy, mad, or upset like the one I had on July 1st. She didn’t say anything to me except when I asked her did she get the 2 Kit Kat bars my granddaughter was purchasing. I was in customer service for years and the way we approached a customer with the correct greetings was a must do, not a choice either but to all crusty, I feel Krogers need to train their people to have good customer service. I am thinking about shopping at another st

  72. It want let me in the survey!! Why has this changed?? I keep clicking on the link and it doesn’t take me to the survey???

    1. It want let me into the survey don’t know why but when I click on link nothing happens has it changed or something

    2. It will take you to the survey but will not load the 50 fuel points which is bull they did to fix it so people will get the points

      1. Hi I was in the Mc gag the other day and I did not get my free toy and now I’m depressed… I mean I stood in the ball pit next to the slide and yelled and I quote “ MEAT SPIN MEAT SPIN!!! GAGALA MEAT GALORE!” And the bathroom employee came over and screamed at me 😢 I was crying so hard…. I didn’t know what to do so I threw a tempo Ryan trumps and then did naked cartwheels while yelling Mc Daniels Mc dangles Kentucky fried chicken and a pizza ball gag

      1. I’ve been having the same problem for several months.
        I think Kroger is doing this on purpose to save a dime.


    Hi my name is Bridgett and I was in the store on 06/06/19 with my husband. Always a treat to shop at Fred Meyer’s as it’s always clean and bright and friendly. It’s a one stop shop for everything I could possibly need.

  74. Always love shopping at Ralph’s in Gardena. Our checker Joe has exceptional customer service etiquette. That’s for allowing me to use my Ralph’s card for saving. I wait until the end of the total too see the great savings. It’s like Vegas for me.

    Sincere thanks,

    Mrs. E. Hupf

    1. I was in Smith’s yesterday, the prices are double what they were a week ago!… Are they using the tariffs as an excuse? These products were from the USA, no need to charge such high prices.

  75. Where is the survey ? How do I get to the survey ?
    Cassey at the Canyon Rim store at Canyon Rim tookl great care of me as always.
    Thanks Cassey !

    1. i love the helpful kind employees, managers and store policies that benefit the CUSTOMERS for a change!!!
      Thanks Guys! Keep up the good work! 🤜🤛🧡

      1. Getting to the survey is insanely difficult. I’m glad the service at the Fred Meyer store is better; it’s quite maddening, and rude

    2. Casey, seems like several are having the same survey issue. I want my fuel points. It’s like a bait and switch. Today, I shopped specifically to get the extra fuel points and now I can’t get them!

  76. hi, my mother and i received some groceries through delivery. my name is joanne and my mother’s name is shirley. we got the delivery from the sandusky kroger’s. mom wasn’t able to get out of the house because of memory issues. and i have a nerve condition. i like to thank the sandusky store for their kind delivery service.

      1. Rudest customer service lady I’ve ever come across at the Nora Kroger store also cash register purse would not give for quarters for a dollar after a purchase terrible customer service will never come back

      2. Went to Kroger’s on 6-22-19 and there is no entry id on the receipt. I wanted to do the survey but I am missing the entry I’d. Did you discontinue the survey for gas points?

        1. Sheryl harrison

          My husband and I went to Kroger yesterday to do some grocery shopping for my mom.. The w lance checked us out. Lance was fast and friendly. My husband and I went to Kroger on July 25 2019 at 04:13pm.Sh

  77. I tried to pick up a prescription and they told me they couldn’t find it because I was supposed to pick it up within 7 days of when it was last filled. Nobody ever told me that. Then they told me I had to wait six months to fill it there again. Thanks for nothing, I will go back to my old pharmacy that told me everything I needed to know about my medication, even about filling them

  78. At the checkout line today at the Kroger store at 8130 E. Southport Road, Indianapolis, Indiana, Laura and Frank were very helpful. Both of them are a credit to your organization.

  79. I spend 800 dollars each month at Kroger, I go to Kroger because it carries all the brands I prefer. Unfortunately if you go on Sundays that do not have many items available in the store and make excuses why such as the manager did not order enough during the week and so forth. I have complained and talked to several managers and all advise me NOT to shop on Sundays its not a good day. That being said they want me to change the only day that is easiest for me the consumer so they do not have to stock up for Sunday. AND dont use the clicklist it doesnt save any time when they come out with a page and a half of items they dont have or have substituted. I have used the click list 4 times and have never left with less than a page of I items I asked for and didnt receive. Its crazy

  80. I`m 70 years old and handicapped. I`ve been a loyal Kroger customer for over 50 years. I shop only Kroger…groceries, meds and fuel. Today, after dropping off my grandson at school (Haley Elementary), as always I stopped at Georgetown Kroger, State and Maplecrest. I parked in handicapped parking near the entrance of the store as it`s hard for me to get around. When I came out from shopping I placed my cart with the front wheels of the cart over the curb where the mulch and stone are located. I do this as so the cart doesn`t roll into other customers autos. If I where in better shape and not handicapped I would push my cart to the cart return areas located further out into the parking lot. A Kroger employee gathering the carts angerly approached and scolded me profanely telling me that the carts didn`t belong in the mulch but in the cart return area. he`s a regular employee, he has seen me many times before. he knows I`m old and handicapped and should realize that`s the reason I put the cart where I do. I don`t know his name, but he is about 5`7″ and by his body language and speech perhaps is slightly autistic or perhaps with auspurgers syndrome. I tried to explain to him he shouldn`t speak to me in the fashion and he told me, “f–k y–, and gave me the finger. I`m a good customer and expect better treatment.

  81. I went on line to do the customer feedback and when I tried to enter the ID the last 2 sets of numbers was not on my receipt so I could not complete the survey. No good customer service since I can’t get the fuel points. Wondering how many other customers receipts did not contain this info.

    1. I have spent ten minutes trying to get to the screen where I can enter the data required for acceptance of the fuel points.??? Never did find it. You are over saturating Kroger shoppers with info. More frustrating than Robo calls and junk mail.
      Long term Kroger shopper

  82. terrible experience, receipt did not even put a ID # I can guess why. went for 10 item. Kroger was out of 5 of them. no small carts. even alcohol product no where to be seen. Rumchatta or pods. Kroger shredded cheese, gone, tint Diet Cokes, gone, sour cream and cottage cheese, gone. wonderful employees tho

    Moundsville WV at 2pm on November 15, 2018. I tried making 3 PURCHES to get a survey. Code and never got one.
    So, this is the only way I can COMPLAIN!!

    When I arrived there was NO SHOPPING CARTS IN THE STORE! It’s 35 DEGREES out and RAINING. I went out to the parking lot to get some. I am 64 years old and recently had a HIP REPLACEMENT. The lady looking for a cart with me was OLDER. I got one for her as well.
    Once I started shopping, half of what I needed was not available!!! It was like when you shop just before a hurricane or something.
    This was not my regular shopping day, so I only needed a few things. However, my husband waited 25 minutes for me in the car.

  84. On November 2, 2018, I’d gone to the Kroger on 4816 S Laburnum Ave, Richmond, VA 23231. I couldn’t find an item and asked a fellow in a Kroger shirt who happened to be passing by to tell me where the Pepsi was and he politely said that he’d show me. I thought he was going to point and keep on walking, and not only did he point, but he said that I could follow him. The Pepsi I wanted was all the way at the other end of the store, but he still took the time to walk all the way over there. Once there, I just mentioned that I should get a bigger basket (I was holding a hand basket at the time), and he actually went to the front of the store, got a shopping cart, rolled it over to me, then took my hand basket so that I wouldn’t have to find a place to put it, myself. Oh my gosh! Now THAT’S good work! Honestly, he could have just pointed to where the Pepsi was, been correct about its location, and I would have been glad. But, this fellow went way above and beyond! I asked for his name, and he’s Albert Chambers. I hope that someone in charge acknowledges his excellent work!

  85. Last 3 times, no entry for gas points, so going to Walmart. On a budget as seniors, we can’t get any extra points, Walmart still offering points. Kroger catering to large purchases, not seniors. Have coupon for extra points but cannot afford to spend what it takes for those points. Again, NO entry ID # for extra points = we go to Walmart. Sorry to say, preferred Kroger but have to where we can save more money.

    1. In response to V. Matthes: My husband and I are seniors also. Maybe you are at a larger store, but we get fuel points on our receipts quite often. I can enter once a week or at least every 10 days. I think that’s generous. We don’t have a Walmart. I still like Kroger more than Walmart. It’s cleaner and the employees are friendlier. HOWEVER …. you must spend at least $500 in a 3 month period to get other rewards.

  86. I had two shopping trips to Kroger on 10/26/18, one to the pharmacy and the second in the store. At 11.:02am was my pharmacy trip and at the bottom of the receipts is Fuel points eared today:150 and Total for October : 150
    At 11:41 am the same day I went grocery shopping and spent 123.43, on the bottom of the receipt Fuel points earned today 123 and Total October 173, shouldn’t it be 273?

  87. I completed the survery but forgot to put the names of my Check out person and bagger. They were great! Mary and Geoffrey on Oct. 24, 2018 at 5:23 pm.
    Thanks for a great experience.

  88. Came in Friday for homecoming and the smile Mikiala had on her face just brightened my entire day. She was nice fast and knew exactly what she was doing.

  89. The employees are super helpful. Sometime though, there has been times when the cashier is talking to another employer while checking my purchase, and feel it is very rude to do this. It is very disrespectful when I am spending my hard earned money and she acts like I am not important.

  90. I’ve been a Kroger customer for over 15 years . I’m always impressed with the service and quality of products.. It is my go to for all my meat purchases. I shop mainly in Longview Texas but shop at affiliates while on the road when we are traveling in our rv.

  91. I don’t know where you find such courteous and helpful employees like sheri [cashier] in Suffolk,va or Robert who works in produce dept. n Hampton va.

  92. This is the second straight week that I have gone to pick up some kool-aid jammers that has been in the add for 2 weeks straight. I made this the trip three times last week and neither time was there any. I took the survey and was told by store manager that there were plenty for this week. The ad started wednesday and yesterday, thursday there were none in the store, just the same sign temporarily out. If you don”t have the products do not put them in your ad.

  93. Hello Kroger CEO I would like Most Kroger Stores to change Paper Towels into Hand Dryers with a HEPA Filter in it to Keep the Bacteria Away Because we do not like Paper Towels they are too wasteful and too messy and the Janitor gets annoyed with those Paper Towels On the Floor that he has to clean it up that’s why we only like Hand Dryers only the ones with a HEPA Filter in it to Keep the Bacteria Away so Customers can stay healthy. New New Hand Dryers now Have HEPA Filters In it to blow Fresh Pure Air.

  94. I found that my visits to the local Kroger on south Walmut Street very upsetting.
    Upon arrival I found a parking slot some distance from entry while noting two staff parking close to entry. Next I gather,ally my purchases while dodging Clickit carts repeatedly. In the front where 20 self checkouts with a staff person monitoring each of the three self check areas. Only two checkout ailses open with half asleep bagger for both. Pat did a,great job and good service. I stopped at Luckys next and found easy access to all ailes, very friendly checkers with four open and each had bagger assistance. Quite a pleasant change. Maybe Amazon and Luckys can cocer all our needs.

  95. Love going to Kroger’s because it doesn’t take forever to get through the line to check out. They always have great deals.

  96. I shop at the Oakley Station Kroger in Cincinnati Ohio. I am in the store at least twice a week and have had the best customer service. The 2 cashier’s that have always been exceptionally friendly to me are, Susan and Ella in self checkout. There are more than just these two but, I can’t remember all of their names.thrre are actually 2 other Kroger locations near me will not shop at because I havent experienced no where near the customer service I have in Oakley.

  97. I was in the bakery at QFC this morning to order a birthday cake. The young gentlemen who took my order was very friendly, helpful and pleasant. Wish I had gotten his name.
    (Belfair, WA STORE)

  98. Fry’s Marketplace Shea & Tatum in Phoenix is a major stop for us. We shop often and always on 1st Wednesday. Employees always helpful. Sandra was especially helpful tonight and we want to mention her name as an efficient and cheery cashier.

  99. Hello I’m edgar I was just at your store today 07/31/18 and the service candy provided for us was incredibly good, one of the best personnel this store has hands down. Thank you for your service candy your the best!!

  100. Your surveys with their fuel points & sweepstakes enticements are a mere marketing ploy to rope people into programs they don’t want or need. I was unable to get to a survey without signing up for a “free trial” or a paid plan for things I have zero interest in. Shame on you, Kroger.

    1. No,that was not the official Krogerfeedback.com page. There are middleman-type sites that offers weird stuff …when you see those things get off that page.Keep trying sites. You want the first page to be where you start entering the info that’s on your store reciept…..Date, Time, Entry ID …..and then you start the survey.
      Just don’t use these other non-official sites.. I’ve been doing these surveys for six years. It’s not hard. You don’t need to buy anything!!!! And I won $100 once!

  101. My Friends,I Love Joe in Customers Service,he has been at this Academy/Woodman Road,
    since the store open,i know because.iworked at the A,F,Academy,and retired in 1989,and Joe was a
    Cashier,and he is The Best,and they try to work him in the GROUND,Thats O,K,Joe.one dayyou will be able to Retire
    and I hope they will GIVE
    YOU GOLD,BARS,you are the Best
    JOE You know me ,a Lottery purchaser,no./yes I will remind you,one day!!!!

  102. Cheryl Dickerson

    I shopped at Ralphs on July 20, 2018. When I got home, I went online to enter the monthly sweepstakes.but my receipt only shows 10 numbers for the entry ID. What’s going on? 15 numbers are required. How am I supposed to enter?????

  103. I shop at the West Plano Kroger off the Tollway & Parker and I just wanted to commend Christina in the pharmacy dept for her excellent Customer Service. She was so helpful and went out of her way to assist me. It’s always busy there and I appreciated the time Christina took to get my prescription sorted out. Thank you again Christina 🙂

  104. we shop at the Kroger Store in Mt Orab,Ohio where they have a new Manager named Sandra. Everything seems to be going really smooth over the last month.She is doing a great job.

  105. The pharmacy department in Pataskala have wonderful employees, they always greet all customers with a friendly smile, your prescriptions are filled quickly and they are always very helpful. The pharmacist Joey, Angie and Anne are always willing to help everyone.

  106. I shop at the Fred Meyer on Evergreen Way in Everett, WA. I have Multiple Sclerosis and LIVE tired. Zach (who works in parcel) was my personal shopper today, reaching things I couldn’t (I am no longer able to walk; I use a power chair). He was especially helpful in produce putting damp vegetables into plastic bags????
    Speaking of the Produce Department,, those employees are my heroes! Hector, Romero, James, and Brenda are always willing to cut cabbage and cauliflower for me; I live in a nursing home and don’t have access to a prep table or a knife…

    Lastly, Melissa in Customer Service always goes out of her way to help me. She always sees me approaching, and she is always happy to see me.

    I filled out the survey at krogerfeedback.com, but I missed mentioning those listed here. I want you to know that because of your great employees, I consistently leave the Evergreen Way Fred Meyer as a “highly satisfied” customer!

  107. It has been a really (rare) unsatisfying week with my favorite Kroger store. I have already sent you a comment regarding the outrageous increase in price of my Rosuvastatin Ca 5 mg. tabs.(due to change in manufacturers. From $10.00 copay to a little over $50.00 copay is more than I am able to pay. So I am investigating other pharmacies who carry this at a reasonable price that I can afford. (There ARE several, by the way).
    My second complaint is that I tried to complete a customer feedback survey to brag on my cashier today..Krissie.
    Unfortunately, the receipt had no Entry Id number on it..so I couldn’t access the survey. I called the Kroger number on my card and was told that the surveys are random and there is nothing they can do.
    I called MY Kroger store (Merchants Village in Martinez Ga.) I was prompted to Press 1 for customer Service..then was told they did not recognize that option! I finally just pressed “0” and waited a long time for someone to answer. I was told the manager was back unloading a truck and that it might take awhile. Spoke with one sympathetic young lady re all the problems above. Later, she thought the manager might be available. (He wasn’t..and I got disconnected). Called back..was told by another employee that the manager was still busy, that he couldn’t do anything about the above, that I needed to talk to the pharmacy manager (told her I already had)..She said the manager was just over the groceries and could not do anything about the problems and to call back in the morning. I told her that Kroger was about to lose one of its best customers…and hung up!
    In all these years of shopping in this one Kroger, this is the first time I have ever felt just profoundly disappointed.
    Whomever makes the decision to change manufacturers needs to consider the needs of the customers who HAVE to have the medicine prescribed…and that person also needs to realize that when confronted with such an exorbitant increase (in the SAME medication), the customer does have other options.
    This is the GREATEST Pharmacy EVER!!! I feel like “family” when I am dealing with them. I realize that this is not in their power to change this kind of decision (or I’m certain they WOULD!) I know this upsets this pharmacy staff, too.
    But it IS within my power to find a pharmacy that CARES about the struggles of its older population and makes their decisions accordingly…especially to a customer who has been committed to this one store for so many years.
    I have never been so disappointed in Kroger…and I would deeply miss not shopping here any more..but, sadly, it will probably come to that…unless these complaints are resolved…especially the medication price.
    Thank you..

  108. The Merchants Village Kroger in Martinez, Ga. is my favorite store and the only place where I buy groceries. The employees are affable and very helpful in every way…and in every department.
    The pharmacy at this store is the absolute BEST I have ever dealt with. The entire staff is outstanding.
    So..my complaint is certainly not about this store nor any area of it.
    I do, however, have a complaint regarding whomever decides what manufacturer the pharmacy uses for its prescription meds. I am on Rosuvastatin Ca 5 mg. It has always been reasonably priced (when it came from Sandoz)..Now that another manufacturer has been chosen, instead of my $10.49 copay for a 30 day prescription, imagine my shock when my latest prescription (manufacturer is Camber).required over $50.00 as a copay!! Even though this prescription was for 60 days, it still should not have cost me $40.00 more in copay. (and just think..without the copay, I would have had to pay $90.00!)..
    There is no other statin that I can tolerate. I also can’t tolerate this exhorbitant price just because it comes from a different manufacturer.
    As I said, I LOVE this pharmacy and its knowledgeable and compassionate employees. I have never used another pharmacy in this area!
    But I cannnot afford to pay such a ridiculous price for this prescription.
    I have talked with my supplemental insurance folks..and they do not have an assistive program for this drug.
    Unfortunately, I have had to search out a pharmacy in the area that DOES have a much more reasonable charge for the same medication. The last thing I have ever wanted to do was to change pharmacies…but I have found another pharmacy locally who will charge me the reasonable cost that I was paying before this change.
    Initially, I was just outraged over this. Now, I just feel very sad that I can’t count on Kroger pharmacy to afford the best price possible to long-standing …and very committed customers.
    If it was up to the those who so conscientiously serve their customers…and that includes all in this pharmacy…this would never have taken place. I am very disappointed in the store that I have always been so loyal to.
    Please make this medication affordable once again.

  109. Alex was very helpful in select fish during my visit to the foothill ranch,ca store. Awesome guy, Alex , look forward to future help as I am always looking for fish


    I shopped today, Fri. 6/22,, i purposely bought, what i thought was 6 bottles of wine to get the 10%
    discount on each bottle , but when i got home to put groceries away, i had mistakenly only had 5 bottles in my bag in the past if this has happened the clerk called it to my attention so i could surely get the 6th bottle! I am disappointed the cashier, Alice didnt say anything or call my attention to it cuz i certainly would have added a bottle!

    You may want to advise her to call to the customer’s attention that they are lacking the benefit of the discount and give the shopper the option to do so.

    Thank You-Sharon

  111. Amanda was so sweet and nice when I came to the pharmacy and fast. And I was happy that she help me with all my question and I was happy she was being soical to.

  112. I have a suggestion geared towards the handicapped customers. Most Kroger Associates do not offer to assist with taking their purchases to their vehicle, leaving the customers fending for themselves. But the handicapped customers have to either walk several parking spaces and back to their vehicle to the cart corral OR leave their cart where it can run into another vehicle. SUGGESTION : Why don’t you create a small cart corral in the handicapped area for those who have difficulty walking?

    1. All items on my shopping list were available.
      Side note, I can’t believe Kings removed the local newspapers including LA VOZ and THE INDEPENDENT. these are great resources that have been removed by people who are insensitive to our needs.
      Now I must go to SAFEWAY or WALMART for my news.

  113. This was my first time to enter info on your feedback website. It stated that I have already entered feedback but would qualify in the sweepstakes’s. Just concerned that neither my wife or I have ever entered any feedback. Can someone else be using our info to gain the fuel Points or sweepstakes’s? Please advise…

    D. Sendejo

  114. I am joyed my Kroger’s in Washington Michigan beautiful store nicely maintained and stocked regularly.

  115. First time visiting the store in Winchester ky..had a hard time finding items. I know each store is laid out different..but I found what I was looking for..

  116. I go to Kroger’s 3 to 5 times a week mostly the dairy Department and Denise and Keri are so helpful finding the yogurt that I need and marking it down when it needs to be. They stay on top of that department and are always so busy working hard. I enjoy seeing them every time I go but I am getting aggravated when they are helping me they are steadily getting called to the checkout. Lately every time I need help I have to find them at checkout and wait till they get through. I don’t have time to keep waiting. Both of them are such good friendly ladies and need to be able to do their job in the dairy Department so the regular customers don’t have to track them down to get help. And I definitely understand that it is not their fault that something needs to be done so they don’t have to stay at checkout so much.

  117. My receipt doesn’t have an entry ID number. Just an “AID” number which isn’t working and a “TC” which also isn’t working. I’d like to get the 50 bonus fuel points but am stumped. I take this survey every week and am puzzled as to why there’s no entry number on my receipt today.

  118. Very comfortable store to walk into & maneuver around..Aisles clear & clean floors. Assoc are willing to go beyond standard accommodation. I have friends in Gd Blanc, Clio, Flint that say they like the Flushing store the best! worth the drive they said! Have a nice 2018. Regards, Maryann Wujciak alt ID: 810 487 9972

  119. I shop at the Kroger’s on sunset Dr. Johnson City, TN.. First off I want to say your employee in meat and fish section her name is Faith. She is Awesome and so helpful!!

  120. I received excellent customer service today at the Kroger on Buford Highway .Elisha was outstanding as she processed my PayLease transaction which always presents some kind of problem .

  121. I am extremely disappointed to find you no longer Carrie Simple Truth Protein Powder. I have used that everyday for three years, bought it when it was $26.00 even though I couldn’t have bought something less expensive. Very disappointed.

    1. It’s really a shame that you put advertising in the papers and some one goes shopping for those items and NOTHING is there. We are getting SICK & TIRED of every time we go shopping the stuff we normally buy isn’t there! It’s also a shame that you are so ate up with your brand everything else suffers. It’s obvious management doesn’t care and what makes it even worse the consumer suffers and if you had a BRAIN you would know that’s your pay check.

  122. I came in to get balloons filled for graduation day. It was super busy and the only attendant was Melissa. She did an excellent job balancing her customers and still inflating all my balloons. The gentleman at the self checkout was also did a fine job at helping everyone out. My receipt didn’t print so he was able to stop and do that in the middle of the frenzy. I didn’t catch his name but the receipt says Chec 504. Great job to them both!

  123. Love the organic produce and friendly professional employees that are always willing to help when needed. Also, love the fuel savings points!

  124. My name is Chester John Roselle and on the thing I just put my name is John I want to make sure that the lady Angelique gets recognition for this great employee

  125. Hi my name is John I was in your store on 28th and Quebec for the first time May 31st a lady in your floral department greeted me with a smile and also said may I help you with anything or just let me know if you need help I proceeded to look at the flowers and she came over and asked if I was looking for something in particular and I told her that it was for a young lady that was graduating from eighth grade and she showed me some pretty flowers that was pink and then another lady came in and she said that she was from children’s hospital and like the flowers that she picked and so we both purchased the flowers and she wrapped them up both beautiful and she said to the lady the nurse from Children’s Hospital pray for me and I’ll pray for the little girl that you said that has the cancer and I thought that’s a blessing that he would say something like that then I asked her name and then she said her name is Angelique I told her I am a pastor and I will pray for her also great employee ask to speak to the store manager but he was busy at the time so I took the time to look this up to do this because people like that is a blessing and an angel that you never know about

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