Customer Feedback & Its Importance with 5 Ways to Implement

Customer feedback is one of the easiest ways for a business to learning more about what their customers want, don’t want, and dislike.

It is easy to read articles on the internet and listen to podcasts on the road to work that can guess what people want, but these assumptions are often generalized and, to be frank, wrong. And why guess when you can just communicate directly with your customers?

The last thing for a business trying to improve the customer experience to do is act like they know what the customer wants and never ask. 

It’s not the kind of impression you want to leave your customers who can go online and tell everyone that such a company doesn’t care about its customers.

5 Ways to Implement The Customer Feedback for any Business

We don’t say that following business trends, reading articles and getting information from outside sources is a bad idea, it’s a great starting point for your business strategy; however, this is not enough. Getting customer feedback takes careful planning. 

Not all comments are helpful, so we’ll make sure that what you get is worth it. Here we’re going to break down customer feedback and the 5 ways to get it.

1 / The Forums

The good, or bad, about offering a forum to customers is that they can come together as a community to determine if your products or services are good or not, to help each other on common issues. instead of calling on customer service, and to help the company interact directly with customers regarding issues, updates and other matters of interest to customers.

Forums provide invaluable feedback to businesses simply by bringing in a representative who oversees and takes note of any issues that arise, any good feedback that tells the business what is working, and any feedback that offers insight. constructive criticism of how to improve the product or service offered. You can supervise them on your own website or create an account on an existing forum in the area of ​​your company.

The more you interact with your customers and the more you let them interact with each other, the more feedback your business will get. It’s important to regularly monitor forums, whether it’s your own or websites like Reddit, so that you always know what to work on.

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2 / Social networks

Social media is first and foremost a massive forum, but offers a lot more to businesses. It’s a more personalized network because people generally don’t see Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, Reddit, Tumblr, or Pinterest as a place to talk to businesses. However, businesses can examine their followers, search for specific hashtags, and read reviews to find out what customers are saying about their products.

Social networks should also be the main source of information for companies to determine what the latest trends are. There is an inconceivable amount of user-generated content, opinions, reviews, and sponsored content that businesses can comb through for inspiration. Reddit, as we mentioned before, is a great source of content along with YouTube, Snapchat, and any other video app or messaging platform.

If your business does not have social media pages, we recommend that you do so because these pages allow your customers to stay in touch with you for no particular reason. Have a dedicated agent to monitor your pages to make sure your customers know you are actively using them.

3 / Reviews

Reviews are another great way for a business to get customer feedback. They can be found directly on a company’s website and on social media. Customers should always be encouraged to leave a review so that you can determine if the products and services are good, if they need improvement, or if they could be better.

Reviews are also a great opportunity for a business to be transparent with its customers. Amazon highlights the best positive reviews and the most meaningful reviews so that customers can get the full picture before making a purchase. Nothing prevents a company from doing the same. Creating this transparency often prompts other people to leave a review.

When highlighting customer reviews, you should never delete older or more critical reviews for fear they will attract too much negative attention to your business. If so, it’s not the customer’s fault for making the remark. Remaining transparent is always more important than preserving a false image of the company. This does not prevent customers from going elsewhere.

4 / Emails and contact forms

Email and contact forms are similar to surveys, but they only ask people for basic information like name, email, phone number, address, reason for contact and more. They’re not as sophisticated as polls, but they’re by no means unnecessary.

Email and contact forms, when combined with surveys, social media and reviews, can help provide businesses with useful context. Names can say a lot about the identity of their customers without asking for personal information. Asking for an email address helps establish contact in the event of a problem. Additionally, addresses help determine how products are used. Here’s a specific example: someone wants to buy a bicycle but doesn’t know which type to buy. By checking their address, one can determine whether they need a road bike or an ATV.

Names and addresses, in conjunction with customer reviews, can help businesses create customer profiles to help them better understand what customers want. The more feedback they get from their customers, the more useful the profile becomes.

5 / Surveys

Surveys are another strategy that businesses can put in place after a customer has ordered a product or service. They can be sent by email or, if you have a physical store, filled out electronically in person on a phone or tablet. When they are short, clients are more open to supplementing them, allowing clients to provide very useful feedback.

However, the trick is to keep them short, the format of the questions varied, and the questions you ask are relevant to what you are looking for. You can also encourage more people to complete your survey by offering something in return.

When surveys are too long, customers react negatively. Most of the time, customers don’t really want to complete a survey after purchasing a product, which is why you need to motivate participation in surveys. If the survey is too long, customers will stop halfway or answer questions without thinking, which is unnecessary.

Customer feedback importance

Customer feedback is absolutely essential for businesses looking to deliver a more personalized customer experience. Without this feedback, there is no way to really know what is working for your customers and what needs to be improved. A business should never try to guess what the customer wants based solely on trends and forecasts.

Trends and forecasts are a great place to start, and this is where social media comes in, but your business is no slouch when it comes to asking and responding to feedback. A business needs to know where it can get feedback. She should be present on social media, answering customer questions and creating surveys and getting customers to respond.

The more transparent a company is with its customers, the more likely they are to respond positively to their efforts. Personalized customer experience is a big business trend and for good reason.

The way companies do business has changed a lot, from companies telling us why we need their products to us, telling them what we need and how they can improve what they sell. Receiving customer feedback is a necessary step in personalizing every customer experience, regardless of the size of your business.

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