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KrogerFeedback is an online survey feedback platform offered by Kroger for the customers to take part in the survey program (at and win exciting rewards that include voucher codes, gift cards, and fuel points.

All these loyalty card points can be used when they make any purchases on Kroger. The customers can refer to articles about Kroger feedback and win bonus gas points.

UPDATED on 17-Aug-2018: Kroger had moved its customer satisfaction survey to a new URL - 

If customers want to participate in the Kroger Survey program from, and
Enter the Survey using Entry ID

Enter Survey   OR   Leave Feedback

When customers participate in the Kroger feedback survey, they could win the money prize of $5,000 on grocery gift cards or 100 nos. $100 grocery gift cards or 50 Kroger fuel points.

Kroger allows its customer to participate in the survey and get free fuel points. Enter the survey using the survey receipt entry id and purchase date and time.


The requirement for entering Kroger survey sweepstakes is, the age should be 18 years old or older than 18.

If there is any problem, do check our our FAQ section.

KrogerFeedback Survey For Customers

Kroger’s mission is to know about the customer’s feedback with their services/product through so that they can work on this to improve their standards.

So they launched a survey kind of portal for its customers ie., Kroger Feedback Satisfaction Survey for customers. Only the customers who had recently purchased in any of the Kroger outlets can participate in this and grab a chance to win gift cards, and 50 gas points,

When customers participate in the Krogerfeedback/survey they get a chance to win exciting cash rewards, gift cards, and loyal reward points.

There is also a great chance to win $5000 on grocery gift cards or 100 nos of gift cards or even 50 fuel points which can be used on the next purchase at any of the Kroger outlets.

Customers get a lot of options when they participate in the kroger customer survey feedback. 

Kroger is one of the best places to work in 2020 with more advantages for its employees which include insurance and healthcare. Customers feels always great to shop at Kroger and they share their shopping experiences with Kroger officials.

kroger feedback

Requirements for Kroger Customer Feedback

In order to participate in Kroger feedback, there are some conditions and tips to be remembered. So now we will let you know about those from the below list.

  1. First of all, Customers need an internet connection to participate in the Kroger customer feedback survey. They can use any device to take a survey.
  2. Next, They need to have made a purchase on any of the Kroger stores within 7 days so that they would have a Kroger feedback entry id on the purchase receipt that is never older than 7 days.
  3. Survey questions are available in both English and Spanish language. So it’s recommended to have knowledge in either one of the languages.
  4. They must be 18 age or older to take any survey from Kroger.
  5. They need to spend some valuable time answering those questions.
    It would hardly take 12-15 minutes to answer all the questions.

Above are the important things to be remembered while answering any customer satisfaction survey.

How to Take Kroger feedback Survey

If there are any issues with taking the Kroger survey for customers, then here is our complete guide on how to take a customer survey on

Just follow the below step-by-step guide and once they had completed the survey, they could earn fuel points or get any cash rewards in form of discount coupon codes.

Follow the below steps to participate in the Kroger feedback 50 fuel points survey.

  1. Open any browser on the mobile / PC (ie., Chrome / Mozilla / Safari / Internet Explorer)
  2. Enter to visit the official website to submit the shopping experience with Kroger.
  3. With the Kroger receipt, enter the date and time of the purchase and enter “Entry ID” to start the survey.
  4. One by one several questions will be displayed, based on their latest visit to the Kroger store answer all those questions and share the shopping experience on the survey.
  5. In the final step, if they are willing to participate in sweepstakes enter the contact details and enter loyalty card details if they have.
  6. Once they had completed, they will earn 50 fuel points and have entered into sweepstakes.
We hope the above steps about Kroger customer survey feedback portal could earn 50 gas points and could make an entry to the sweepstakes. 

Also, Customers get an opportunity to win a Kroger discount or any other credit points.

Kroger employee login can be accessed through the Kroger express hr employee portal through the Kroger ESS portal using the Kroger employee enterprise id and password.

Kroger Survey

Kroger is one of the largest grocery retailers in the United States. The main business of Kroger is a grocery, retails, manufacturing, merchandise, and supermarket. It always delivers the best shopping experience with a friendly touch for its customers as well as employees.

kroger customer survey

If you are job hunters, then it’s a good place to work with a lot more benefits including insurance and healthcare.

Also, it feels great to shop at Kroger share the shopping experience with Kroger.

At Kroger, its main motto is customer satisfaction. So they came with an excellent system that takes feedback from customers and improves their service.

From this survey, several questions are asked to customers about how happy they are with the service they got at one of the Kroger’s stores during their recent visit.

NOTE: Kroger Employees had to use the Kroger VPN CDC portal to access the HR tools.

Win 50 Fuel Points

When Customers take the survey, they might earn fuel points. Before that, they need to have a receipt with the date of visit, entry id, and time of visit. All this information will be printed on the receipt so make sure to keep the receipt all the time.

The surveys are managed and controlled by Kroger service management group which includes all stores like pharmacy, food 4 less, city market food, and Ralph’s.

A draw will happen monthly and 12 random customers will win 50 gas pts which can be redeemed at any of the gas station outlets.

Also, if there is any luck on the side, they could have a chance to win $5000 worth of Kroger gift cards. When they won, they will be contacted directly for the delivery of the price amount/cards. Also, don’t need to worry about the privacy with Kroger.

Fake Kroger Survey Feedback

Be Warned !!! Nowadays, many peoples are getting fake survey on their social media which looks exactly like the official website.

We recommend customers to stay away from such things and only follow the official website.

Just follow our guide to find the survey is real or a scam:

  • Kroger never asks for feedback on social media. It only allows taking part through the official website ie.,
  • While visiting the official website, there will be no popup on the device.
  • Kroger never guarantees larger price money as coupon code.

Kroger Customer Service Phone Number

Have any issues with Kroger service, we recommend to contact the Kroger support team.

If they wish to contact online Kroger Employee customer service, they could contact the HR Manager via Online chat or toll-free number.

Kroger’s support service is one of the best support ever. They work hard to solve customer’s issues or problems with just one phone call.

Dial – 1-800-576-4377 for kroger customer support

However, customer support operates only at certain timings.

Check below for customer service timings:

Monday - Friday: 8 AM to Midnight EST
Saturday & Sunday: 8 AM to 9:30 PM EST

Kroger Address

Human Resources

The Kroger Co.
Attn: HR
1014 Vine Street
Cincinnati, Ohio 45202-1100

Executive Offices

1014 Vine Street
Cincinnati, Ohio 45202-1100
(513) 762-4000

Kroger Mailing Address

The Kroger Co.
Customer Relations
1014 Vine Street
Cincinnati, Ohio 45202-1100

Official Social Media Channels:

Conclusion: Thanks for letting us share the guide. We think the above guide would have helped a lot in earning reward points at Kroger.

Also, Customers could win a grand $5000 price worth of gift cards or $100 Kroger gift cards.

Having any problem, Contact Kroger customer service.

You can leave feedback in the comment section, we would love to hear it from you.

Copyrights Declaration: We hereby declare that we are not by anyway officially related to Kroger or any of its website.

This is just a guide to help the users on the steps to complete it and we hold no responsibility for the user’s action and we don’t hold any authority over the official website of the company.

This is posted towards a firm declaration of the statement that this article blogs and website are solely for educational purposes only and we are not registered or linked with Kroger in any manner.

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336 thoughts on “Kroger Feedback Official Survey –”

  1. I was a loyal Kroger shopper. Now with the cash back fee I will be doing my shopping at Safeway.

  2. great service

  3. My regular fry’s store is in Sierra Vista. However when I need to go Tucson and need supplies, I visit fry’s of Houghton. As all fry’s stores I have always been satisfied with the service.

  4. Today I did my grocery shopping at your store at 700 Tim Price Way. I wanted cold cuts, and with at least 4 to 6 people, there was only 1 person serving another. I waited almost 15 minutes, and then left to complete my shopping. This is a great store, but also I do not understand why the deli and bakery do not open until 9 am. There are many of us who are early birds and this is very inconvenient.

  5. Anne and Joyce I’m the bakery at the Kroger on 79th and fall creek road in Indianapolis are excellent. They went above and beyond on Christmas Eve to complete a big order. I am very grateful for their help.

  6. store is too small

  7. Cannot get in to kroger feed back for fuel ponts

  8. the self checkout should limit the amount of groceries you can checkout

  9. We have shopped at FRY’s for 16 years and will no longer do so. The 2 stores near us in Cave Creek, Arizona are a disgrace. The stores are dirty, poorly stocked, merchandise poorly displayed and many times there is no stock that looks edible in the produce department. You need to have an executive visit these stores and then visit the Safeway store at Ashler Hills and Scottsdale Road and see what a good grocery store should look like.

  10. last week pharmacy didn’t have Kroger test strips

    this week no needle/pin tops……….

  11. I just think you should know that your cashier, Adam, at the Plymouth store is the most unsociable, angry person I have come across in a long time. He does not even look at customers or engage them in any way. I will avoid him at any opportunity and a couple other people I know that shop at that particular Kroger feel the same way.

  12. My email does not work correct please call me 2814555805 and let the phone ring a long time. thank you.

  13. need more selections on grocery and produce

  14. Want me to keep being a Krogerite? Don’t start charging for cash off of a debit card!

  15. you make taking this survey an utter ORDEAL

  16. The girls in the floral department in the 9140 Forest Lane location produce beautiful bouquets. The should be paid more than what they are making and should be acknowledged for their work their work. Not a day goes by that I don’t stroll past the floral dept. to admire their work and to see those 2 talented women.

  17. Pop rang up at 3 fot 5 and the fourth one at 1.66 instead of but for and get them for .99 each at the Kroger bstore In hurst Tx on pipeline

  18. Kroger at 7th Ave., 1st Street – Huntington, W. V. That grocery store should be CLOSED.
    It is an accident waiting to happen. I was there today standing at the case getting a lb. of
    bacon. An employee Josuha came thru huge swinging doors leading to the loading dock, I assume. He hit me in the back. There are huge stacks of boxes (full) in all the aisles. You
    can’t move freely thru the store for all the stocking of shelves. The employees in that store
    are rude and hateful. You have 2 or 3 that act decent – the rest – forget it!!!!!!!!!!!! Hope how
    soon someone comes in that area and puts Kroger out of business.

  19. At Anderson (Cincinnati) Kroger. Waited 15 minutes at checkout. No baggers so checkout was very slow. Bagged my own groceries to speed up the line for those behind me. Obious that the store was trying to keep labor cost down by having fewer than needed employees. Hardly any bascarts in store. Outside carols were full. Can get this at Walmart or Mejier. Just sayin.

  20. We would like to express our appreciation for the service and attention Keneshia, (363) Deli Mgr, showed to us in preparing our Thanksgiving Meal. Keneshia is always glad to see us and carefully takes our order for the meal always makes sure that the meal is completed as ordered. We began ordering our holiday meals from Keneshia when she was Deli Mgr at the Reservoir Kroger. We now go from E Brandon to the Pearl Store, 201 George Wallace, Pearl, Ms in order to trade with Keneshia. Keneshia is a definite asset to Kroger.

  21. I normally write to complain however, in this case I’d like to pay a compliment.. My cashier, Ilmar B. was awesome to do business with! Loved his helpful, friendly attitude!

  22. I am having difficulty simply leaving a Kroger feedback survey. I would like to recognize an employee who was beyond wonderful. Please send a survey so I am able to do this.
    ALL GOOD NEWS!!!!!

  23. In regards to Atlanta Kroger on Moreland Avenue: I have been a regular customer of this store for years, and in addition to the produce section being sad, under-stocked, and stocked with old an bruised items, it has become a habit that the baggers forget to put bags in my basket. Today was the third time, and I lost about $5 of produce, more than enough to negate the money I saved. I have shopped at Kroger for years, but Publix is right down the street, much more convenient. When I called and spoke to a manager, her response was, “I’ll look into it.” Wow. Great customer service. Hello, Publix!

  24. I have always enjoyed the savings and selection that Kroger provides. I especially love the Kroger brand products. I’m my opinion they are equal if not better than the name brands. The lines move quickly at the checkout. How fast you will move through these lines at certain times depends on the time of day and if it is holiday season or if bad weather on the way.

  25. Overall good. However. I am only 5 feet tall and the taller shelves in the Lawrenceburg In store , has made it very difficult to reach items on the higher shelves. I can usually locate someone to help but takes time for me and who ever I snag to help. Time is important when you have a busy schedule also along this line the rows have been made longer causing more walking more time.

  26. Matthew berry went above and beyond for me at the gas pumps TWICE soon after the system was changed and my card was not working. Polite, helpful, friendly.

  27. I want the 50 points on Gas and to be entered in the sweepstakes drawing

  28. Love kroger

  29. always have great employees to help when needed, and very pleasant cashiers as well as

  30. Parking is a nightmare but store is clean and usually selves are stocked with great priced items.

  31. Our cashier Christiana was absolutely dazed. She didn’t help us pack are bags because she thought there was a packer um yeah us. She didn’t pay attention at all!!!

  32. Your feedback survey sucks I’ve tried and all I get is this other shit didn’t use to be this way you may have just lost a customer because of this mess that is it you care

  33. The Clicklist “out of stock” option needs a place to put comments. There have been times every week when the suggested subs are not even close and I have to then go in the store in addition to doing Clicklist which evades the whole purpose of using it.

  34. I have been a Kroger customer for over 55 years. However, it is time for me to patronize my two local smaller grocers because Krogers has remodeled all their stores and the top shelves and some of the bottom shelves are inaccessible. And why are the heaviest things on that top shelf anyway…..things like glass bottles of spaghetti sauce and two liter bottles of pop and bottles of wine? The bottom shelves are equally inaccessible for things like Coke when the first two or three sleeves have been purchased and the others that are left are very far back on the lower shelf. Meijers at least stacks their pop out in the aisle especially when they have a sale. Additionally and more importantly, help is nearly non-existent all throughout the Kroger store. I am older and use a cane so walking all over the store and still not finding anyone to help is out of the question……and often I never do find a person to help, so I leave without the articles I came in the store to purchase. You are certainly not service or customer oriented! Bonnie Levitan 311 Lothrop Rd Grosse Pointe, Michigan 48236 TEL: 313-886-7855

  35. I shop both City Market stores in Durango. The south store has some challenges. Ordering cold cuts one night in late August the slicers were incredibly dirty. I’m in the food industry, while not expert, I recognize the potential for food borne illness. Mentioned constructively to the mgr on duty. His response was he knew and it was because of short staffing in the deli. If he had knowledge he should have closed the deli. It was that bad.
    When you have a flyer deal on produce, specifically berries and packaged tomatoes you expect the merchandise to be optimal. Particularly the first days of the flyer. On many occasions I’ve noticed mold growing visibly and aggressively on the fruit on display. This is in the entrance to the produce section and makes a City Market brand statement as shoppers come into the store. These are not isolated incidences. Something is wrong either in distribution or the way the produce is being stored. The employees are always helpful and courteous…but Kroger has quality issues occurring on a regular basis in this location. Please address it.

  36. I shopped at Kroger on 11/12/19 at 02:31pm, I spent $90.17. Today 11/17/19, I tried to enter my info from the receipt in order to get my 50 gas points, but looking at my receipt there is no ‘Entry Id’ number. so how do I get to claim my 50 gas points?

  37. For the 2nd time in 3 days I’m not able to buy a gallon of your chocolate milk. It’s unfathomable that you can’t keep your aisles stocked. I do a lot of my grocery shopping at your store but I get tired of wasting my time & gas only to find out you don’t have what I came for. I guess I’ll have to pay a little extra & go some where else.

  38. I can’t stand shopping at King Soopers anymore! The service is lousy.
    You want us to check out our groceries. That isn’t my job. Kroger is just too cheap to hire cashiers. All about money.

    I was at the Miramonte store in Broomfield last Sunday at 10:30 a.m and there was one checker. The line behind me was 8-10 people.

    I feel sorry for your cashiers.

    Just at the store on 120th. Again, not enough checkers.

    I so wish Colorado had Publix stores. The main reason for shopping at the Miramonte store is because it is close. I’d much rather shop at Safeway.

    Get a clue.

  39. I enjoy shopping at Kroger and especially the opportunity for a auto gasoline discount. Thank you.

  40. I was at the Kroger store on college ave. in Normal, IL at 9:52 on 11/8/19. What a mess. The place was stacked with boxes and a lot of the shelves were empty. It was very hard to find things that you needed. Cake mixes were on sale and they did not have most of them. Don’t know how that store stays in business.

  41. love the NEW LOOK. And the self check out..AWESOME

  42. I have found your stores staffed by terrific people. Many years I talked up Frys. What are you ! doing now? Apparently someone decided you can take your customers for granted!! You are mistaken!! 6 calls to Kroger customer service?? All answered with–We are experiencing an unusual call volume!! Really think people are so stupid? Entered a message on this site with NO RESPONSE!! Does anyone care. This may come back to haunt you!! Troed local store-10 minutes on hold ! I gave up- NO ONE CARES!! I have always spoke upfor Frys– Maybe that is coming to an end


  44. I shop at the kroger on glendale and Detroit in toledo ohio. I love Rico! He usually is the guy who does self check outside at night. Hes always soooooo nice. And I enjoy running into him when I do see him. Very good employee.

  45. Always a good experience with Jeannie as cashier and jim bagging and getting carts. Jeannie usually does floral but helps the cashiers too. Good people keep them at 2301 locust st in sterling Illinois.

  46. I received a emailed from you and it was accidentally removed without reading it. I think it was about the 50 cent charge on debit cards charge would please resend it to me I not sure if it was sent to me either to [email protected] or [email protected] Thank you Chuck Taylor

  47. The $ .50 fee that was recently added for cash back is unacceptable and I would like to provide feedback that it is not acceptable and not competitive.

    Until the policy is changed, we plan 3 changes in response:

    1- switch the majority of purchase to other stores when convenient

    2- use credit cards rather than debit when we do shop at Kroger owned locations (this will cost Kroger in higher fees)

    3 – encourage our family and friends to do the same

  48. Can no longer get into fuel points reward program.

  49. My complaint is with the person at store 068 that took my phone call in the pharmacy. I think her name is Jeanette. I call today, Oct. 30 to request the refill of two medications. I always spell my last name because quite often people think my last name starts with a C. She questioned if the prescription was actually filled at that location. The prescription numbers were repeated about 4 times over a 5 minute period of time. I asked her how long she had worked in that pharmacy. She told me “that is irrelevant”. I then asked her for her name and she hung up. Please check my history with that store’s pharmacy . I have been a customer there for a great number of years. Never have I been treated that rudely. I called back and spoke with Chris the manager. He is a good manage because he made up excuses her. My loyalty number is 492951094250.

  50. Always good prices

  51. Friday Oct 25th. apprx….. 10.30pm . The young lady Caucasian lady was not very friendly back in the meat section,. I think her tag said Debi… I was asking was something in stock and she gave me a short answered and walked away, which I thought was not customer service appropriate…… in nor way do I want anyone in trouble, but least try and acknowledge customers…

    store own the receipt says 866
    but the address went too was
    4400 Lebanon road, ( think its the same, but wasnt for sure)

  52. I was just charged $.50 to get $20 cash back while shopping at my local Kroger. I’m shocked that Kroger would nickel and dime their customers like this. I don’t know of any other major retailer that I deal with doing this. In future I will try and avoid shopping at Kroger’s I think between Walmart (which is closer to me) and Costco I should be able to reduce or eliminate shopper at Kroger’s.

  53. I don’t work for you. Hire more help or give me a discount for using self checkout!

  54. I live in san tan valley, az. and I have been a frys customer for many years. and come today I notice you charge me 50 cents for using my debit card..this is a rip off and I don’t understand why you are doing this.. as a combat vet I did not fight for this country to get ripped off by a company as big as yours…I will take my business to safeway for now..very disappointed in Kroger–frys

  55. I shop at the Louisville Colorado King Soopers. The meat department is always friendly, but the front end is always rude and never help bag groceries and they just stand around.

  56. Hello,

    I’ve been a loyal customer of BigK Diet Citrus Drop. Everything has been working for years but last two purchases the taste has been weird. There’s hardly no taste and what there is, doesn’t taste normal. It’s not about bubbles – there’s enough carbonate plus I don’t even mind being without. Let me know if you need any numbers from the bottle.
    Thank you.

  57. Love being able to not wait in line!! I like that you have cashiers ready to go when busy. I will do self check out when I only have a few things. But hate it when I do my full grocery shopping!! I shop there all the time. Everyone is always polite. Please keep the cashiers for great service 😃

  58. Very sad that you have stopped carrying these products:
    Mike Sells Cheddar Puff Corn
    John Freda hair products

    Also disappointed that Pick-up is not using the strong white plastic bags, and prices seem to be going up!

  59. I usually shop once a week and the employees are very kind. They are always willing to help. I’am very glad that I can go at a place where I can find people like that. Thanks to everyone.

  60. Frys grocery store has been our families store forever. We love shopping there for all of our grocery needs. We come shopping about 3 to 4 days a week. Tonight or cashier was Tami at the 3255 S. Rural Rd tempe az

  61. Dorothy was my cashier. I have had her many times before. very nice person, I go to Kroger at lease once a week and I try to get in Dorothy`s lane. my bagger was Brian .

  62. It’s time for me to fill out another survey to get 50 fuel points. However, I have been to the Kroger in Surf side, SC at least 4 or 5 times and have yet to receive a survey on my receipt!!! I want my fuel points!!!!! My card # is 414685216654.

  63. Did not have this problem.

  64. A couple of weeks ago I spoke with the Maineville, Ohio store on State Route 48, 45039. I told him via customer feedback that every time, every time I am shopping his store none of the produce bagging stations have any green ties to wrap up produce purchases. Well, 3 weeks later, I tried to buy some apples and zucchini, put them in plastic bags, but no ties to be seen. Upon further review, there were 12 stations without any green ties. As a former store manager, I told him a basic responsibility of management is walking your store often. Either no member of management in that store ever walks through the produce dept., or they don’t care that their shoppers can’t tie up their bags. I have told this in person many times over the past year, but it must fall on death ears!! Basuc store manager responsibilities. Guess I’ll have to shop at a different store!

  65. Conroe, Texas loop 336 south, Bad manager!! BAD Manager!! Cane using white guy.
    Every time I see him, he is smoking. Asked him to do something about the high bushes blocking line of sight at corners. He said he would get his landscapers on it. NOTHING, NOTHING, NOTHING!!!
    I cannot see past the bushes to safely pull out into the lane because the knock-out roses are too full and high. As a lot of your vegetation is. But who cares about our safety as long as you get our money, Right??

    You have a black manager who is awesome. Sorry, I do not have either name.
    When I do speak to the white manager he reals of cigarette smoke which I find extremely offensive!!!

    Your sackers need continual training as they do not know how to bag correctly putting sharp edges with tomatoes and either too full or one item only, there is no in between. cold stuff combined with ambient items and could be together keeping each other company. Glass items over loaded in a single bag which has busted through and broken on the way into the house.

    The store lay out is atrocious, the worst floor plan ever. Looks like you just threw little pieces of paper with names on them in the air and wherever they landed is where you put them in the store. Crap layout! Fail Fail Fail

  66. Good Lord all I wanted to do was fill out a survey about my shopping experience at Fred Meyer tonight but your survey is too cumbersome and difficult to use. So I will tell you here that I was not happy to find NO Hungryman mesquite chicken frozen dinners on any shelf. There were no tangerines or small oranges! There were no fuses! There were only 2 checkstands open and the lines for them were long. Then one of the employees forced me to through the self check out stand which is difficult to do when in a handicapped cart. Of course he helped me with the checkout but it was extremely difficult especially trying to bag the items. The remodeling of this store has been disconcerting to say the least, and it’s gone on for months. I used to love to go to this store, but not anymore!

  67. Kroger’s has the best deals.

  68. I always love coming to Kroger they have the freshest produce there

  69. Melisa was my cashier and she was very friendly and caring. When she is working I will only go to her line. She’s the most amazing cashier ever and because of her I will be coming back.

  70. Had all the things on my list.

  71. Julee checked me out and was very courteous.

  72. After my visit to the Williamson Road, Roanoke, Virginia Kroger on October 8, 2019, I felt that I had been with good friends. The three that I came into contact with seemed to value my presence. Alejandra, in produce, always busy stocking new produce, but took a few moments to chat with me. She shared the secret of the atmosphere is that the employees care about each other.
    A manager named Tonya took a few minutes to listen to my thoughts about this store. Her goal is to encourage the employees to be the best possible that they can.
    John, at self-check, is perpetually smiling, sharing kind greetings, and effortlessly attending to the needs of individual customers in his area.
    The Williamson Road Kroger retains an uplifting atmosphere that is absent in most businesses.

  73. Kristi helped with sale items and also asked if there was anything else she could help us with. Her assistance was much appreciated. Mary and Linda at the check out also assisted with sale items and explained how to correctly read the advertised sheet, as some items weren’t on sale for the week only four days. Very knowledgeable and friendly staff.

  74. Hello, we had our very first encounter with the new Grocery Delivery to our home. I ordered on my Kendall Fire from the Kroger shopping list , which was easy to use. Our groceries were delivered in about ONE HOUR for our first time! The deli chicken was pipping hot, the ice cream still frozen. We were in heaven. Thank you so much!! What a great service for anyone who has problems getting out!

  75. I injoy shop at Kroger and they alway have good coupon and great bargains.

  76. Kroger is the store for me to do my grocery shopping!!!

  77. On 10/5/19 I left the store and got all the way home before I realized I did not get my $40 cash back from the self check out. I started to go back, but was sure it was gone. I decided to call anyway and asked the customer service rep to check with the self check out cashier, Rhondalyn who said she had it and remembered me. I was advised to come back with my receipt to pick it up. I remarked “how nice to deal with good, honest people”. Upon arrival, Rhondalyn recognized me immediately and said she tried to catch me but was gone already. She had the money wrapped with a copy of my receipt and handed it to me. Needless to say, she made my day. Also, monitoring the machines that closely is admirable, as well.
    I”m sure she”s an asset to the company. She should be commended.

  78. I’v been a customer a Smith’s in Utah for several years. My question is that i’m Looking at a product that they carry but not one of the flavors that I like. When asked about it I get two different stories. One from the store and a different one from the vendor. I wish that they could come together and give customers what they want.

    Elmer Inman

  79. Great store, very clean & frindly.

  80. This store is always clean and get great customer service .

  81. I shop at Kroger store #361 in Aurora, Indiana. I love that store! The employees are always so friendly and helpful. Plus, great specials and savings. I also think the new renovation is bringing the store up to a new, more modern level. In this town, it’s not only a place to shop, but see friends because everyone shops there. Congratulations on being such a mainstay in this community! Thank you for reading my critique!

    Leila Goldstein

  82. Always an awesome experience at Dillons.


  84. My experience at the Smithfield Va location today was good. I enjoy the Kroger savings. I would like to see more name brand items available for purchase.

  85. My shopping experience at the Kroger’s in Greenfield In leaves a sour taste in my mouth and my heart pounding. I went to check out and there was 1 cashier open and 6 self serve lanes open. There were 9 closed registers and 15 people standing in line waiting to check out. I even asked if other self service lane could be opened and was told NO.
    When they start laying off Kroger employees I hope the genius who thought that idea up is on the top of the list and then followed up with other management. What is needed are more people to help the customers or more disgruntled customers will leave your store.
    The way it is now Aldi’s gets the majority of my business, the only reason I went to Kroger today is I was on this side of the road.

  86. Great store great evioment great workers

  87. I was thinking months ago the point s was a lot easier

  88. I cannot get it to take anything. It is not like the other one was. Please go back to the old way because I like to get the extra 50 fuel points.

  89. Only one word for Kroger’s “SHAME and GREED”. today 4 Oct 2019, 45 people most were old, I myself 70 years old and a Disabled veteran waiting for a cashier, but only one working, management trying to have us use the self check out, I can’t even stand by myself!! So much talk among the workers about a walkout and I would say Kroger deserves it! Your advertisements for Customer satisfaction are a JOKE!
    I can shop at the Air Force Base Commissary, as I am retired Military but Kroger’s was closer. ,Kroger’s is no longer a customer orientated company, they are a GREED Orientated Company so I am giving up my Kroger card. It does not take a Brain Surgeon to see what Kroger’s is doing to their employees. I spent 47 years with the Federal Government in Acquisition, your tactics are that of Organized Crime. I am rid of you

    • The only time I have EVER seen only one cashier at my store is when it opens at 5 a.m. Plus I have never heard people talking about a walkout in any Kroger and I have shopped many Kroger’s since I was about 17. I am 72 and still shop there, enjoy the friendly employees and everything the Kroger stores offer. Of course, the difference is I’m old, but not a grouch. If you have a complaint make it with fact…not fiction. You sound like a very unhappy person with too much time on your hands. I commend you for being a Veteran, but, that’s not the issue on your plate. If you really wanted to file a complaint you would have given what store it was, the time of day and the name of the manager in the store that you spoke to about ‘the problem’. Certainly, you must have talked to a manager if you were that agitated about it. That would give it some credibility….or are you just having a bad day? P.S. They have sit down carts that you can drive through the store and also stay in them when you checkout.

  90. none of my canned goods made it into my cart. went unnoticed until i arrived home. had to return and re-shop can isle. very inconvenient. very unhappy. Meijer here i come!

    • I buy some Kroger’s products is pretty good is this a hope I can win that $5,000 so I can do something with it God bless you guys and keep shopping at Kroger’s and we don’t have one in California but you guys have your products in the stores

  91. Barbara Bradley checked us out. She is the florist manager, but she saw us standing in line and came and took us to a checkout. Good employee.

  92. I lost the end of the survey I didn’t complete my comments.

  93. the save food program is special!

    • Kroger has great deals the people working there are very helpful and friendly I would wreck amend my friends to shop there thanks Susan harris

  94. I have a Kroger recite that has no ID number, how do you enter if it does not have the id number you require? It is dated 7/11/19 time-05:03 pm. this is the first time I have got a recite without the ID number, how do I enter the survey and get the reward points?

  95. Bechtol Avenue Store Springfield Ohio. I will no longer be shopping there. You have installed a shopping cart system which I assume is designed to stop theft. I believe it not only to be dangerous but certainly offensive. I left the store and it activated on me as I was leaving. Not only was it embarassing, it created a scene and other shoppers were offended as well. I injured my knee and I ought to sue you. The store is run poorly and management is impervious to requests for items I would like to see in thet store, even with a commitment to make regular purchases of a requested item. With the money you are spending on the shopping cart “s**t* you could provide a job for a 6′ 8” 250lb. security guard to intimadate customers as they walk out the door, perhap even a full bodied strip search that would be less embarrasing. I recognise your theft problem and frankly with solutions like this it will only infuriate those of us loyal customers who can and will shop elswhere. If you cannot find a more suitable soulution and better management, close the store, you might as well I will never darken its doors again as long as that cart system remains. And no fixing it won’t help, I am offended at the entire notion, hire a real human being as a security officer, someone who knows how to treat people perhaps a “greeter” with some real people skills.

  96. I am so sick of having to check my receipt to make sure I get my $1 off when buying 5 items I always buy 10 but it shows I bought 9 so I don’t get the $10 off I only get 5 so back in the store I go while my ice cream is melting. so 5 min later after I had to show and explain I finally get my $5 back what a pain I also don’t like your ditual coupons

  97. Food4Less

    16208 Parthenia St
    North Hills, CA 91343
    I started shopping here for your meat dept.. one of your butchers..
    FRANK is absolutely terrific.. He has helped me on several occasions… i have referred a few people to this store and especially to FRANK.. cant say enough good about his knowledge not to mention the time he takes to answer customers questions… im sorry i am not able to put this on feedback survey.. i find it next to impossible to navigate thru.. you need to do better on that… BUT THIS IS A GREAT STORE and although all the people there are so very helpful.. FRANK is the BEST. Thank you ..

    • Milford store checkout sucks. They can’t handle the business. We need another big store!

    • Kroger has great deals the people working there are very helpful and friendly I would wreck amend my friends to shop there thanks Susan harris

  98. When I checked out at the Fry’s store in Mesa AZ, the guy who bagged my groceries asked me how my day was. I said that I was totally frustrated after standing in line for 20 minutes in one of the only 2 lines that were open. I told him that was it was obvious that management was forcing people into the self checkout lanes in order to aid their agenda. Obviously they do not want to pay check out people and want customers to do that job for them. I am a Senior Citizen and I do not want to check out my own groceries after I have selected them. I will not go to a Kroger store in the future unless this policy changes.

  99. Didn’t know there were so many of your customers that share my frustration with your Stores, in my case Fred Meyer. I have tried, today 6/09/19, to do the survey and finally gave up after 30 minutes. I don’t like the new store layout I don’t like that you cut back to nothing in your book section. Your deli has been changed and that’s just the beginning. So this I can guarantee you, I will do less with you and more with other retailers. But you won’t miss me until it is too late.

  100. Kim who works at the ClikList in Fry’s on Via Lina was amazing she has excellent customer service skills,,my shopping experience was great!

  101. Using this very complicated format, I hope too get my point across with not having an MIT degree.

    Here’s the thing. In shopping at the Civic Stadium Fred Meyer’s in Portland, it has become clearly evident of your intention to attempt to force we customers to shop the self-service way. Today, and on many other days, you had two active check-out stands, and 4-5 closed check-out stands. Several FM employees were watching this in an observatory role. The pile up of customers waiting to be checked out and not forced into self-service, was obvious. Now when we go to the FM Broadway store, most check-out stands are always open and working, as well as self-service. This obvious attempt to “train” us to self-service is repugnant. Clearly you want fewer hands-on checkers and will make us stand and wait while you cut your costs. Thing is, we do have other choices. When I was a grocery store employee back in the day, when customers were ready to check out, the call went out and we called it, “All help on the line.” Think about it.

    • I completely agree! I live in KY and am experiencing the same thing. When I go into a store, I actually would love for someone to smile brightly at me and say, “Hello. Did you find everything?”

      • The employee’s see you coming and they turn the other way and run,especially in the Newport Store. The Deli in NEWPORT is the WORST and slowest. It does NO GOOD to complain to that Deli Mgr. either, THATS IF YOU CAN FIND HIM.The Belleview Store is dark and dungy and the Customer Service is the WORST ! The Deli in Highland Heights has 5 KID’S that are smart asses and TWICE I complained to the Deli Mgr. and he was unbelievably clueless. The THIRD TIME I went to him I ripped my Kroger M/C / VISA up in front of him. the Highland Heights Kroger has the BEST EMPLOYEE od ALL the Kroger’s in the area though, an elderly grey haired woman that stocks. I’ve actually had her after seeing me wait a long time in the meat dept. actually go back and weigh me some shrimp ! She don’t stop working. The comparison to Kroger’s in the South as Florida have a store called Publix. They are coming this way and if they make it here and you have Kroger Stock you better dump it ! They know how to treat people. The employees go out of their way to help you, even after you pay they walk you to your car or at least ask if you want help ! The Deli, no matter what you order, cut off a few slices and let u taste it and make sure it’s sliced to your liking !I actually had a MGR. come over to me and thought the employee wasn’t being nice enough and had the employee apologize to me ? SWEAR ! If they don’t have what you came in for or want, they take your phone # and call you as soon as it arrives ?The Kroger’s in this area are just lucky they have no competition. The employees act as if they are doing you a favor, and the MGR.’s are in name only ? I can’t count the times I got a product to the casher only to have the price wrong. I could go on and on !

    • Kroger has great deals the people working there are very helpful and friendly I would wreck amend my friends to shop there thanks Susan harris

  102. I shop at the Pick & Save Monona WI, great store. Please stock Frito’s slightly salted.

  103. I was MOST displeased today to note that my Smith’s (Kroger’s) will no longer be accepting VISA credit cards after the beginning of April. After that time, I will no longer be shopping (except in an emergency) at this establishment. I understand that this has to do with the fees that VISA charges for the use of its cards. Fine. While the over $3000/year I have previously spent at Smith’s may not be a significant sum, it is an amount that will in future be spent at your competitors. My card allows me to track (monthly/yearly) all of my expenses (by category and/or company). This is tremendously important for budgeting. This change is the veritable “straw” that broke the camel’s back. I had previously submitted all evidence of a $100 error made by one of your checkers, including signature by the Acting Manager. Kroger’s response? NOTHING.

    • You can get a better deal with a non-bank CC
      Just google CC

    • Kroger has great deals the people working there are very helpful and friendly I would wreck amend my friends to shop there thanks Susan harris

  104. I am readying that you are stopping the use of Visa cards. This will be unfortunate since my bank only issues Visa. When I have a cart full of product and can not pay with my bank Visa card I will just walk out. That that time I will go to Audi, 100 meters from your store or use Wal-mart which is three football fields east of the store we use. I spend over 90 to 95% of my groceries at your company, remember there are only stores we can use.

    • We shop Kroger every week for the best savings

      • Best savings lol…Then WHY do you need a card to get those ” best savings ” ? Why not just price the goods for everyone to enjoy ? Is it because when u fill out a Kroger card they can follow you and also sell your info ? The ” savings ” you talk about is not worth the lousy service and having to constantly watching the price on everything you buy !

        • Kroger has the worst checkouts there. Who can figure out the way the receipt is printed out. Never know if you get your discounts.

        • Kroger has great deals the people working there are very helpful and friendly I would wreck amend my friends to shop there thanks Susan harris

  105. I don’t want to win anything I just want to know why I have 2 cans of soup; one is 30% less sodium and the other is 40% less sodium but both have 410 grams of sodium per serving – we are on a low sodium plan and this is quite confusing and really I believe a trick to the consumer…..

    Reading labels id very telling –

    • Most labels are boiler plate for sodium content and only after the product is opened up can you taste how salty salt at 120mg tastes.

      • Kroger should be in congress where they have to pass a bill to know what is in it. What a stupid reply by Kroger.
        The patron is making a valid point of the incongruity of all labels. You can hardly compare when each label uses a different method. Two cans; one cost per unit and one cost per ounce. Few people can compare that. The poster patron still has a valid point left with a smart a$$ answer from Kroger. Shame on you Kroger!

  106. why do you make it so hard to find the survey form you change it all the time !!!!!!!!!!

    you make my blood pressure go up !!!!!!!!

  107. I filled out the ENTIRE SURVEY and the site asked for my 12 digit VIP card number. It is NOT on my card and it is NOT my phone number. Hey at least I didn’t get to enter the sweepstakes!! Asshats!!


  109. The service is very good

  110. My shopping experience at Kroger was good but I was unable to complete their survey! Thanks for your guidance now it will be easy for me.

  111. I have been using the “Krogerfeedback” system for the 50 extra fuel points for quite a long time. All of a sudden the system is not working. I am not the only personwith this problem as I have noticed many persons at “Customer Service” complaining about this non working system. Every store that I have visited (4) has the same answer, which is “I do not know what the problem is”. It appears as though Kroger (in this situation is happens to be Fry’s) really doesn’t care. For the past 3 weeks I have made it a point to visit Fry’s different store every 3 days just to see if he system has been corrected. It has not. Does anyone really care? Remember, I shop at Fry’s with MONEY.

    • to be quite honest…I am a Kroger employee…and they REALLY DO NOT CARE!! Large corporations only care about their bottom dollar and the fact they get to buy another boat with the new tax break from our current president. No money has “rolled down”. I often times wonder why other employees don’t do their jobs…then I remember…starting wages at 8.50 an hour…I will start goofing off, too. Why work so hard to make the customer feel appreciated when we aren’t.

      • Well “Asking says”~ Maybe I come from a different generation than you do, but even though Kroger has become a penny picking company and evidently has hoodlums in the upper ranks over at the east coast, doesn’t mean you as a person, as your parents child, should give up your self respect, work ethics or maybe a very needed smile for a customer. Don’t allow YOURSELF to be changed from who you truly are. Keep that dignity and honor. I am about to shop at any other grocery OTHER then Kroger myself. I am a single mother with four young children and I find that Krogers is not carrying so many of the things I use on a weekly basis. (Like Lipton, GOLDEN Onion Soup mix.) And I have now been told that I have to get on a computer to place request or issues. I honestly don’t envy your job there. They are micromanaging far too much. If you aren’t happy and feel like changing your personality, I would find other venues of employment. Good luck!

      • Went to the Dove Valley Road store in Phoenix, AZ and the problem with not enough cashiers seems to be a company wide problem. Like others have commented corporate clearly only seems concerned about lining their on pockets and not about customer service. I went in at 8:30 pm and the store was still busy but they only had 1…yes 1 cashier. (They are low on cashiers every time I go in so this wasn’t a fluke occurrence.) There were already 3 or 4 people in line each with a cart full of groceries so my choices were to wait in line 15 minutes or bag my 40 items myself. Self check-out should be optional for those who feel like using it but customers who would rather not use it are forced to because the other choice is to wait 10-15 minutes in line. The self check-out itself isn’t actually all that convenient because it always freezes up if you don’t do things in a specific order and then you have to wait for the attendant to come over and unlock it. So I checked myself out (it froze up of course) and as I was leaving the attendant asked me if everything went okay. I told her they needed more cashiers and she said “We’ve been saying that for years but they don’t listen. Maybe Kroger will listen to you.”

  112. Will the sweepstakes continue during the year 2018-19 as well? Please update the entry periods details.

  113. Kroger shopping frustration! I went to Kroger yesterday (Thursday) afternoon and it was a nightmare. Now you can pick up a scan and go (which I did not do) and apparently you pick up your item, scan it and put it in your basket…the downside of this is people trying to scan every item in the store and blocking every aisle, most apparently did not know how to use it I guess but it is suppose to save time but in fact that is not the case. When I finally got to the only two registers that were NOT scan and go I overheard 2 employees talking…look at the store, it is packed and they are fixing to go to only one register…that is when I said then I will not be here all this is doing is getting customers as free employees. Understand people that these stores are trying to get rid of employees! When they put me on their payroll with benefits then perhaps I might consider working for THEM. It does NOT save us time or money, it saves Kroger much money and puts employees out of a job! I will be shopping at stores that treat me like a valued customer. Rant over.

    • I too hate automated checkout.

    • Prices should be significantly reduced when the customer does his/her own checkout. How many checkers are we paying for when we use these? And how many folk trying to make a decent wage do we prevent from having a job? (assuming, of course, that they are being paid a decent wage). Even without a discount, there is always a line of people waiting to use these machines. Why? Because there are too few regular checkouts available.

  114. Was commenting on survey. As I am not fast on the keyboard, it timed me out. I will not waste my time on it again.

  115. I purchased a can of kroger stir fry vegetables that was nasty. The bean sprouts were slimy. Kroger should look into the company suppling this product. My reciept didn’t have the correct numbers to do the survey to tell this problem, hope the pull this off shelf. Bought 1 6 18. Number on sale is 85 11 147 314.


    • Take it back for a refund. I do this regularly at grocery and other stores that sell groceries (Sam’s Club). Sam’s sold me a huge package of rotten blueberries. I called the store, which is 25 miles away. They wanted me to bring back the berries. I said I might not be back for a month, did they want month old slime? They agreed to refund me with my receipt, without the rotten produce.

  116. The survey will not work for me. I am hoping the comments will work. Wanted to thank Jan in the Larned Dillons store. The last 4 times I have been in store she has been so nice . On 12/16/17, 12/21/17, 12/23/17, and today 1/6/2018. Jan has gone out of her way to find products for me several times, asked if I needed help finding items and helped me carry out groceries . She is always friendly and has a smile. You are lucky to have her at Dillons.

  117. My shopping g experience today was good.

  118. Great experience

  119. I found everything I needed with no problem.

  120. found everything I wanted.

  121. I have a great experience

  122. My shopping experience was good

  123. Can you make it any more difficult to get the fuel points?

    • I like it the way it is. I don’t want it any more difficult. WHY DO you want it harder?

      • I am posting this under my original post. Why does the time show 8:46pm when in actuality in Indiana it is 10.17 am.??

      • Fuck that store I will be shopping with my visa card at Wal-Mart

  124. I wanted to make a comment but do not have the receipt for the survey. I love the “Delicious Yummy Yellow Cake Mix”. My cake turned out so awesome and moist. Loved it. It is a nice looking yellow and white box. But, you really have to change the yellow colored directions for baking. I had to guess. No matter what light I used, I could not read any of the information. The print needs to go from yellow to black as the directions are and were easy to read.

    Thank you,
    Linda in Colorado Springs, CO

  125. Tried to do the fuel points survey today, 1-4-18, however the number on sales receipt was not accepted when typed in. So I got rejected and couldn’t do the survey and get my fuel points. The following is my entry ID # from my sales receipt: 533-222-44-558-9-53. I realize by the example shown on the screen that where the number “”9” is shown that there should be a two digit number however on my sales receipt it only shows number 9 by itself. How are you suppose to do a survey when you are not given the correct information on your receipt???? Feel like I have been cheated.

    I shopped at Kroger in Bellaire, Ohio on January 3, 2018 @ 1:47 p.m.

    • Did you double-check your numbers? I have several times had a receipt with only 1 number there and it did work. It has to do with which customer you were, I think. I’ve had to retry my numbers sometimes until they work. Love the extra 50 points!

    • I have taken the survey many times but on many times the I.D. numbers are not complete and I cannot finish the survey. What do you suggest and why does this happen so often?

  126. Patty and Kelli were so accommodating at the check out and kind enough to call the dairy manager, Frank for assistance with a product I wanted. All three of them were so kind and helpful!!! It is this kind of service that keeps me going back!

  127. Brianna, At Smiths Pharmacy is excellent in service! Always pleasant, helpful, quick! Prepared!

    • Brianna Smiths pharmacy Farmington. New Mexico way to be!

    • Date 091319 time 0103pm Entergy ID02134214485711155 this store is great no problems every is nice enter me in the grocery and 5000 dollar prize did survey twice thanks Susan harris

  128. My shopping experience today was good.

  129. My receipt doesn’t have an entry number but i wanted to praise one of your employees. Her name is Candice and she works in the produce section of the Golden Store ( on Old Golden Rd).

    She goes out of her way to be helpful and friendly. She is always hard at work but never hesitates to stop and help me and or give advice about produce use/preservation and/or location of a particular item. I am alway glad to see her on duty

    She truly understands customer service and courtesy!
    Great person!

    • my shopping experience at Kroger’s on Feb 8 ,2018 was good .everyone was helpful in finding Items.. would like to take the surveys

      • My name is Mia I shop at food 4less city of Lynwood California been a customer for over 22 years since I move to city love th produce from this location always fresh not only that the customer service I receive here in produce is the best my name is Mia Gastelum

    • I just like to thanks Shannon G for the best service she giving me at Food 4less garey ave pomona Entry ID:704-443-187-358-9-196 From now I will a loyal shopping of Food 4less because of Cashier Shannon customer service.

    • I am so glad that you opened this beautiful laerge store close to where I live. The produce department is super and the service excellent.

    • I lost my Kroger receipt, it just blew away from my basket. I know that I was shopping at the Kroger store in Plano, TX on Monday, 26 March at about 10:15 am. My Kroger customer number
      is as follows: 407179369912. I would commend your checkout clerk “Roberta”. This was the first that Roberta assisted me in my shopping experience at this particular Kroger location.

      In my 44 years of shopping at Kroger I have experienced your best and worst employees.

      Roberta displayed her dedication to customer service and showed me courtesy and respect.
      She greeted me and asked me several questions, one of them was “did you find the items you
      looking for?” then proceeded to checkout. At one point she inspected and told me it damaged
      and called in-store help to replace it.

      Additionally, at the end of checkout, she thank me for shopping at Kroger and whether I need
      any assistance in carrying my purchases to my car.

      Roberta displayed people skills that are to find in today’s environment.

  130. thank you for such great service the employees are the best!!!

  131. Hello Kroger Are You Hiring Now For Bagger Full Time Or Part Time Benefit And Vacation Trying To Help My StepMom Bill Get Me Car What IS Your Start Salary Please Send Me Text Message 757-814-8731

  132. I have always been satisfied with my purchases at Kroger’s.

  133. Kevin at the Ralph’s, Sports Arena in San Diego was a fantastic ambassador of what good customer service is all about!

    I needed a particular item that was in limited quantity on the shelf, and I needed it fairly quickly. Kevin not only helped me with placing the order for additional product, but he followed up with me to ensure that I was aware of the progress of my order. Afterwards he made sure that I had picked it up and that I was satisfied. He was friendly, very helpful, and thorough.

    Thank you Kevin for a job well done!

  134. I was impressed when I checked out of the Dillons East, Garden city, Ks on 12/29/17 at 11:13 am. While able checker, Caiti, was moving my groceries a mentally handicapped fellow stepped up behind me to tell her that he had a problem. He had forgotten to pick up his change from a self-check station earlier in the day. She was able to immediately and politely tell him that it was at the customer service counter.

    People who care make a difference in our world!

  135. Very disappointed today with customer service. There was no one to bag and the cashier just kept shoving grovers and not even helping bag the items. I think this is unacceptable – poor customer service.

  136. We had 5 items. Went to the quick lane (15 items or fewer), not realizing the person in front of us had purchased over
    197.00and the bagger was in the process of filling about 15 plastic bags. After waiting with nothing happening, someone brought an order vof some kind from the back of the store.It must not have been the correct item because several people behind us had left and were leaving the store while we were still in line, (always seemed to be 1 behind us). The cashier finally got frustrated and moved to the next register . We followed. IS THERE NO POLICY TO LIMIT THE NUMBER OF BAGS IN THE FAST LANE????? Not worth a few pennies saved!

  137. i am not happy with service at state street newalbany indiana store.i have tried 3 times to make a perchase at meat counter for derby city salad an even with 3 people behind counter i cant get it even after 5 minutes of wait.there was only 4 costermers counting me!they are intenionly too slow.tell them to get to work and at least walk a little faster.its just lazyness.and it hurts the store.thankyou

  138. love it hear but i cant get my fuel points! why not kroger???????

  139. Kroger we need your store in Midway Ga 31320 we have one grocery store a small IGA there is land for sale here please check it out Help Midway Ga Thank you

  140. I began buying salads for my wife and I at the new Kroger’s that opened in Lancaster, Oh. They were better than any I have found anywhere. I don’t live near that store and I frequent the store on E. Main Street the most, but they do not have the salad bar. Recently, the salad bar responsibility went from the people that handle the vegetables to the Deli people. The first thing I noticed was it didn’t open up for a couple hours after it had in the past. They I noticed a definite lax in keeping the vegetables stocked properly. The dirty looks I got when I had to ask they to fill the empty pans and often, it didn’t even happen. Today I was there at 0930 and it wasn’t open, so I returned later even though it was inconvenient. There were no large containers, only the single serve ones. I walked out very unhappy and empty handed. Ever since the Deli people took over, it has gone downhill. They need to put one single person in charge of it and make them responsible. When are they going to wake up?

  141. I shop at Kroger (4650 W. University,TX) ever since it opened recently. I would like to share with Kroger two of their finest employees at this location.

    First person is Doreen, Deli Department. She is always friendly, helpful and shows determination to satisfy her customers. She is a great asset to the company and hope not only for her to get recognized but also a monetary gift to be given along with a promotion.

    Second person is Joshua, Cashier. He works well under pressure especially when his line is long, congenial and understands how to bag the foods (cold with cold, can goods with can goods, detergents and soaps together etc…) correctly. Acknowledgement is due to Joshua along with a monetary gift and a promotion.

    You have two outstanding employees at this location and a overdue acknowledgements to them.

    Thank You,

  142. John G. Martin [email protected] 37912 I love this Kroger 5201 N Broadway St but there is a change in the store that messed up my thoughts. . I came here from Bourobonnais, IL loved the Kroger there which had a Salad Bar. . So what is the chances to find another Kroger with a Salad Bar?????? I live a couple blocks away off of Cedar. Now they are making changes in the store , nothing wrong with that . This must do a lot of business , generally the store is packed with people shopping spending money, money ! You are not doing well with the Salad Bar I guess???? But it is a great convenience for this 75 yrs young Army Veteran . Lol ! Exen if you are loosing money on this Salad Bar, please look at your parking lot on finding a place to park, this store is not a loser . Yes maybe the Salad Bar needs restructure , but please do not remove but make it better ! God Bless Your Thoughts ! John G. Martin

  143. The survey was not about my opinion. I am sorry I filled it out. I wanted to express my opinion about their digital coupons.

  144. I am upset with Kroger’s digital coupons. Us elderly people find these are hard to use and not all of us have an iphone and if we do, we don’t really know how to use them to their fullest extent.
    I find it to be discriminatory to the elderly. We are paying more instead of getting a senior discount.
    I was shopping at Kroger at least 2 times a week and now I am only going there because the store is closer to my house. I have been buying much of my groceries at another major chain store now.

    • Wow! I certainly agree – do not like ! An unhappy customer!

  145. The Fred Meyers in Springfield is the nest store I have ever been to I have lived next to it for five years and so for they have not let me down they have been so nice not rowd once and I have to say they have became a family with me and I hope this is a time to see the happiness in store like this and idk if ima speed this right but kelay a Chester has been the best one I couldn’t talk to ppl easy but as I meet her she became a friend then family I thank the Fred Meyers next to me with all my Hart

  146. We live in Bedford, Texas and use to shop a lot at our local Kroger (Harwood and Central) but here lately we can’t even walk into the store without the smell of garbage hitting us in the face. What’s going on with the management? Surely management cares as much about keeping up with the store as much as we want to shop there. Seriously, it smells really bad (like a land fill landed in it). Please send someone to clean up the smell and take pride in our store again.

    Many thanks and one day we will return to shop more often than not.

  147. Frys at 83rd and Deer Valley has a new slogan- Make it as inconvenient as possible to shop at Frys. No check out people only self scan. Well at rush hour two check out people and 8 self scans. We are going elsewhere!!!!!

  148. Thank you for this best thing about Kroger Feedback which I was not knowing and this is working great, thanks once again.

  149. I shopped Kroger at Owensboro, Ky. 2308 E 4th street on July 19. I had change and 1 dollar bills to pay for my order. The cashier stated here let me count the coins, took my quarters. Then told me I was $2.00 short. I asked my grandson to run to the vehicle to get the rest of my quarters. The cashiers “body” language showed she wasn’t happy with what I had to do. It was somewhat embarrassing for me, with people all around. So I used my bank debit card and took from my gas money. I stated that I didn’t want to ruin her day. My goal for sharing this is that the cashiers treat all customers with a little more respect. I am limited with my income and have a certain way of dong things. Granted.. my reaction shouldn’t have been what it was either. Normally I don’t do that. I’m not stating names and don’t need anything further. Just wanted someone to be aware.

  150. High praise for 3 of your employees at the Fry’s Grocery in Sahuarita AZ. I had the misfortune of spilling an 18 oz. box of blueberries yesterday while in the checkout lane. Immediately the checker, Artemisa, called over one of the baggers, Rob, who was immediately joined by Mitch. Together Rob and Mitch quickly swept and picked up every blueberry that had fallen, and there were many that fell through the cart holes. Meanwhile Artemisa assured me I was not the first to have an accident like that, and that she herself had done something similar. For all my embarrassment at spilling the berries, all three of the employees made me feel more comfortable. I truly appeciate that they didn’t contribute to my embarrassment, but helped me to relax about the misadventure. Thank you to all three of them.

  151. I am extremely frustrated with the difficulty of accessing your advertised deals. Everything involves going online to your ad and clicking on certain items to get them downloaded to my card. Half the time it will not work and there is no reason to make customers jump through hoops and waste valuable time to get them. Very many people are not very tech savvy, especially older ones and people who most need them. The only reason I can think of that you do this is to discourage people from actually being able to take advantage of the advertised products. If I am using my Kroger card you will already know my spending habits. I find myself going to your competitors more and more frequently of late out of frustration with your way of doing business. If you truly want your customers to be able to purchase your advertised products then make them available in an honest and forthright manner!

  152. Corporate has messed up with the changes in their store with the self check-out, you still need help with reading the kiosk machine, get help with coupons and get help with weighing fruit and still help if you want to buy stamps. A clerk helped with scanning and still she messed up with that, so why if you have to still bag yourself and try to scan yourself then why not give a discount to customers who use this awful operations. Always after scanning you have to check those prices to see if they are correct. Makes no sense to me how about anyone else ? Corporate this is not working and please go back to before !!! Another item with the other registers open the store does not have enough baggers so again we bag ourselves which slows and its crowded more and more to get through the check out lanes. Lets get new management in corporate or at least one person who knows how to manage a sticky situation.

  153. My son’s birthday is July 4 and on the 3rd I called Kroger bakery at Newnan Crossing Blvd. in Newnan GA. Spoke with Spencer Ellis and told her just to use her judgment on the decorating for the holiday and gave her my son’s name. Wow what a great job she did! Everyone just raved about his cake and all I added were red, white & blue candles. She is awesome and so easy to work with – truly great customer service.

    I wanted to do the survey but did not have the receipt. Sure hope Spencer sees my comments and more importantly her supervisor!

  154. Very good service from Ester, Kaeleb, and Aubree. outstanding employees. Thanks………….

  155. Some of the stores are 24 hours and the one on Dolphin Drive in Elizabethtown, Ky is. Big bold letters on building. However the last few times I have been up there late guess what it is closed. Don’t say you are open all night when you are not. Some of us have a long drive and when you have to make extra trips you might as well pay full price.
    Very disgusted

  156. Date was 6-15-2018…entry I: 703-342-186-284-505-691. The efficient associate that helped me name is KIRSTEN at Raplhs on Jefferson in Culver city, ca. Kirsten shift was almost over but she assisted me re a Deli pickup. My order was ready but not totally complete. Kirsten saw the situation and solved the problem to a T. Great Customer Service. Thank you Kirsten….Annie C. Wilson…[email protected].

  157. I followed directions to take survey to get 50 fuel points; however, I was directed to a page to select the survey but I never encountered a place to put entry ID, etc. There should not be several survey options, just make one available. How do I get the info on my date of purchase, ID, time, and entry ID? My shopping date is 6/20/18; 8:06 am; Kroger Store, 3845 Phelan Blvd., Beaumont, Tx. Entry ID can be furnished on request.

  158. Your Kroger on Egret Bay Blvd in League City, Texas has what I call the “Dynamic Duo”. Reese is the cashier and Jonathan the sacker. These two workers make coming to the store a pleasure. The rapport between them is caring and compassionate when I come to their register. Jonathan is a physically challenged adult and Reece makes sure he gets all the support to make sure his job is complete with no spoken words. It is this unspoken talent they have that makes me look for them when I check out. These two men give Kroger a special place in our sometimes rude society. Keep them and give them special recognition on a job well done. I come back often to see if Reece and Jonathan are together. Then, I seek their register.
    Thanks for reading my comments, Barbara

  159. What do you do when there is no entry ID and you haven’t shopped there in the last 7 days (other than when you got the receipt with no ID)?

  160. BAD EXPERIENCE TODAY AT KROGER 870-734-3626 (JUNE 5,20180)

  161. i had a good shopping experince.

  162. Don’t know if this is the correct forum or not, but here goes. You had a one day sale of butter which was Grand. Kroger Butter on Sale for $ 1.99 One Day Only with Digital Coupon good for 5 Butters at this Price. I went into Store and was told Sorry we are Out of this sale item. I asked for a Raincheck and was told this one Day Special, we are unable to provide Rainchecks. Personally I Believe, Poor Management on his part should Not be my problem. Water was also on sale and I did purchase one of them.

  163. I really like the new Conroe,Tx. store.But I hate the website for the survey.Major hassel to use.

  164. In regards to Certegy. This is a new company you are using and they are terrible. You have put your customer satisfaction in their incompetent hands. My credit score is 800 and I have never bounced a check but they have now barred me from cashing a check at Kroger. Why, they cant say. I have talked to 5 people and they have found no reason and wont fix their problem. How many others are facing the same issue? This is lost revenue as I am now shopping else ware. I mostly pay with cash but could not pass a 20 dollar check at your. store where I used to be able to without issue. They suggest I try again at some later date. I suggest they get replaced before you lose to many customers.

  165. OOPs, I forgot to list the store that I shop at – Weirton, WV. See my comments above.

  166. The employees are great. I always came to Kroger’s because there was such a variety and I could almost always find what I was looking for in one trip. It’s hit and miss. Often the yogurt is not stocked for example. I used to buy my chocolate Carb Smart Milk at Krogers but you have stopped carrying it so I have to go to Giant Eagle in Robinson. Another item that you all used to carry is the spicy peanut coating for chic. It used to be in your Asian section but you no longer carry it. I also go to Giant Eagle for that item. Like most people I don’t have a lot of time to make trips to several grocery stores so that is disappointing.

    Your cashiers are always great. They’re always nice and friendly. Even at the self checkout, they are always ready to help.

  167. The Richland Fred Myer produce department once again is a great disappointment. There were 5 heads of lettuce available and none of them looked great. I cut up a red pear today and through half of it away. The outside looked great, the inside was bruised and ugly. The garlic has been firm nice looking heads the cloves are very small.

  168. I have shopped at Kroger/Fred Meyers 82nd (Johnson Creek) since the store opened and, in the past, it was a very pleasant experience. The new check out system does not work. The checkers start scanning the next customer before my groceries have been bagged. The person bagging the groceries dumps everything into the bag – there is no such thing as packing them properly. They dump as many groceries they can in one bag, even though more bags are available. More than once I have paid for something and it has not been put in the bag. Probably because the area is cluttered and the person bagging is rushed. In addition, if the checker has to bag the groceries they wait until all groceries are scanned and then start to bag the groceries. The customer has to help the checker because the groceries have been pushed to the end of the area. It seems as though Kroger/Fred Meyers now expects the customer to bag their groceries. We recently went to the Kroger/Fred Meyer store on Sunnyside —– what a difference in check out. Also, Safeway has been using this system for years and their system works. The checker bags groceries as they are scanned. If they have a person to bag, they finish the first customer before starting the next customer’s groceries. I spend nearly $300 a week for groceries and have given this new check out system a chance, it does not work, and I will be shopping somewhere other than Kroger/Fred Meyers for my groceries. From previous comments I doubt seriously that my complaint will be addressed or even read.

  169. The Kroger’s Delaware Houk Road, Delaware, Ohio is such a mess and has been for some time I just cannot find anything. I believe I will go to another store until the work is completed. O like the Houk Rd. store as it is EZ to get to, but need to change.

  170. is more complicated than I thought. I won’t be able to start it.
    Staffs at Brookhurst location in Fountain valley is great , friendly,and helpful.
    Price is affordable.

    My ID #703-363-174-59-10-184
    TIME: 12:11pm

  171. Angela M at Ralphs on Twin oaks valley rd in San Marcos is the nicest cashier ever she needs a raise she she is invaluble in pr

  172. So much for fuel points – it’s not worth the red tape that you put customers through, and I got tired of waiting to be served at the deli this afternoon, so went to Walmart.

  173. Please do not publish my name and e-mail address.

  174. The sign posted by the grapes read $2.49 per 2 lb. bag. I was with a friend who also saw the sign. While checking
    out I did not notice what the register was showing. When I reviewed my sales receipt after arriving home, I realized
    that I had been charged a total of $9.03 for 4.03 lbs. of grapes. I was expecting to be charged less. I called the Customer Service that same day and was told to bring in the receipt and they would make it right. That was April 16,
    2018. I took the receipt to the Customer Service desk on April 20, 2018. I was told there was nothing they could do
    about it. I no longer drive and it took me four days to get back to the store.

  175. I need help, I can’t get into my fuel points account and I need to add 50 points

  176. I can’t get in to my fuel points to add points this week. I need help from you

  177. Kroger is always clean and the employees are always very helpful in Auburn, Indiana.

  178. Date: 15 Apr 18
    Time: 11:27am
    Entry ID: 024-263-39-362-10-49

    KROGER REPRESENTATIVE: Ms Liz, Elizabethtown, KY
    Received exemplary customer service with a great smile on the face with Ms Liz, her attitude, and character, outlined a great place to shop and willing to return to KROGER.

  179. MY receipt doesn’t have an entry number but i wanted to praise one of your employees. His Name is JAHMIRR , VERY PROFESSIONAL AND GREAT CUSTOMER SERVICE. HELPFUL AND EXPERIENCE EMPLOYEE. 3160 N RAINBOW BLVD, LAS VEGAS , NV

  180. Me and my wife stopped at the Krogers on Winston Ave. in Latonia Ky to purchase some ice cream on 4/15/18 at 5:31pm. To our surprise the lines were all packed so we decided to take our two items to the customer service counter to pay for them. I placed the items on the counter and instead of the customer service Manager by the name of Shemika asking can she help me she said and I quote ” you place your items on the counter am I suppose to read your mind”. I looked at my wife and said to the manager that I did not have a receipt or bag so it should be easy to see that I needed to pay for the items. Shemika went on to say that we were lucky that the lines were full otherwise she would not have waited on us and that she does not get points for cashing customers out that the cashiers got points. I asked her what type of point did the cashier get and she stated that she did not know and only worried about herself. She also told us that we would have to go through the line to get a bag anyway because the customer service desk does not keep bags there. I told her that our Independence location would never treat customers in the manner that she did and she was very unprofessional to be a manager. And that we felt that she was not representing Krogers in a positive manner. She told us sorry if we felt that way and then she walk away and we went to bag our items and left. To treat valued customers this way speaks volume of how Shemika may treat her employees that are under her direction. In our forty years of shopping with Krogers we have never been treated this bad and hopefully no one else has to experience this type of behavior.

  181. Add me to the list of people who can’t find the Kroger survey AND who get directed to a site that gathers all my information so that other vendors call me. It feels very “bait and switch”-like to me.

    Just so you know, my cashier at the Kroger Nora store was Kathy and she is excellent.

  182. sharon was fast and friendly. makes shopping easy . i shop at the bakers store at 7312 n 30th in omaha

  183. Been loyal to Kroger over 30 years! The location at Silver Lake s/c has pushed me and quite a few others to think of a competitor. This location has just finished a total remodel of the floor layout!This has been confusing to so many customers! I understand the concept of “Traffic Flow, S.K.U. and fast to slow buys”. In my store all the consumable liquids { orange juice, iced tea,milk beer, power drinks, waters fruit juices. NOW!! the juices are at opposite end of the store BUT not your waters!!!MAKE sense??? I was looking for Hawaiian Punch which had been with all other consumable liquids located by the DELI area. I asked a Kroger assoc. where the product was?? response was a quick response “read the sign (hand written 5×8 in.} juice located aisle #7. That is located at other end of store!! when I go out for breakfast,lunch or dinner, I usually meet up with friends, and guess what the topic is usually about??

  184. My cashier was named Maryann and my bagger was Bobby. I want them to be recognized for their friendly, excellent service.

  185. This survey is ridiculous. Why do I have to go through pages and pages of other people’s comments before I find out that there is no survey of my opinion. Your survey used to be fun and I was able to express my feelings about your store and employees. This only goes on and on – I am a busy person – I don’t have time to sit for hours and hours reading what other people think. I had a very nice experience with a cashier at the Florence, Ky. Marketplace Mall store on 4/7/2018. The cashier was young, pretty, competent and very nice and friendly. She checked me out promptly and I had a lot of coupons which she gladly accepted, all the while smiling and working as hard as she could. I have checked out with her before and she has always been the same sweet, nice cashier that she was today. She should be commended and rewarded for her service to Krogers. Her name was Makayla.
    On another subject why doesn’t any Kroger store stock Aunt Millie’s Honey White Bread? I drive all the way to Florence, Ky. to go to Meijers to get my Aunt Millie’s Honey White Bread. You have other Aunt Millie’s but not Honey White. The Erlanger store used to have Honey White but doesn’t have it now. The Florence store didn’t have it either. I’ll drive a distance to get the Aunt Millie’s Honey White Bread. You should stock it.

  186. I have shopped at Fry’s Marketplace on Rural Road and Ray Road, Chandler, AZ for over 15 years. Lately I have noticed items missing that I have used in the past. For instance: Land of Lakes soft margarine, Kroger raspberry fruit on the bottom yogurt, DeJorno hawaiian pizza, the wonderful bearclaws from the bakery, and a few others that I can’t remember. Most recently, April 4, 2018, Bryers coffee ice cream. What has happened to these items? Please put them back on the shelves so customers can enjoy them else we go to other stores to purchase them.

  187. Did you change the Peanut Butter formula? I purchased a jar of (supposedly) Peanut Butter fro the Fred Meyer in Snohomish, WA, in March 2018. Expiration: Oct 25, 2018. It was more like Peanut OIL than Peanut Butter. It’s all soupy and pours out of the container. I won’t be buying this again.

  188. Good service and prices

  189. I won’t be return to this store

  190. I shopped at a Kroger in Tennessee today, and the visit was less than stellar. I choose this location because of the large store, selection and the niceness of the staff. The latter today was not the case, the staff that handled my checkout and bagging was not complimentary to the store. The cashier made a mistake that I only caught when I got home, was mumbling during the checkout process, saying that if she acted like the two baggers, then she would be fired! What a horrible think ti live with while she works, the threat of being fired!! The two baggers that I told I had not only my own bags, as well as some for only COLD foods, absolutely ignored me and just put my groceries in whatever bags they wanted, snickering all the while. Maybe they haven’t been trained properly? None of the cold items like meat, yogurt, ice cream made it to the cold bags. Maybe they didn’t know what cold bags are, wither way it looks very bad on the management of this store. The cashier overcharged me for some items, and the baggers could care less regarding proper bagging. This will be my last visit to this location.

  191. Today my experience at Kroger was terrible. I walk in looking to the sight of no registers open except for self check out with no workers in sight except GABRIEL. GABRIEL was so sweet and honest. The line was so long like to the back of the store. Gabriel was very professional, and handling everything with such composure even though he was overwhelmed with all of the people wanting his attention. I go down to Kroger late at night, but it’s never been this bad. There was so many people with such little patience. Gabriel was out there like a champ give him a raise please!!!☆

  192. I am sorry to see Kroger pull gun magazines from their stores . this action will do nothing to prevent any shooting anywhere . I suggest restocking of magazines and donating the proceeds from their sale to mental health research or other venue that could make a difference .

  193. We shop at the Kroger in Franklin Tn. Leo in the produce dept. always goes above and beyond to greet us when we shop and is very helpful when I buy fruits and vegtables. He goes out of his way to make us feel welcome and always greets the younger members of our family. That’s why we shop there the friendly customer service. thanks

  194. This website is entirely useless. Don’t bother clicking on any of these links. The correct URL is NOT .info and you will need your receipt with the date & time of purchase, the Entry ID plus your Freddy’s/other reward card number.

  195. I live in NLR, AR. I am happy with my local Kroger, and have been for years, Sometimes I have to go over to the “Rich Folk’s Kroger” in Sherwood for my specialty coffee, or a thick steak. Kroger does not seem to care about those issues…

    I have always shopped at Kroger, about $800+ per month, because they “had” integrity as a company.

    Kroger, inc, has decided to cave in to the leftist/communists on my second amendment right to defend myself, or my family, or to allow my wife to defend herself. When Kroger takes a political stance against the God Given Rights (as enumerated in the US constitution), then at that point I need to make a decision regarding how I VOTE with my dollars every day.

    I visit my local Kroger at least once per day. I really like and appreciate the local folks that make it so great… The local manager is awesome, and the sale isle brings me back for DAILY deals.

    I would hate to consider the possibility that my local Kroger will push an anti-American (Bill of Rights) agenda in my home town.

    Just keep it up, Kroger. You will lose all of your market in Arkansas. I guarantee that I won’t be the only Arkansan to walk away from your transgression against our Constitution.

    If it’s Fuck Me, then IT HAS TO BE , Fuck You Too….

    Let’s, not go there.

  196. Murray ky KROGER removed the fresh ground peanut butter machines because they were not profitable enough!!!!
    Calls and email have been ignored.The machines are still in use in ATLANTA-MEMPHIS AND LOUISVILLE ky….the only explanation from the Murray store was it was a district decision!!???? This is my second month of boycotting this store…..just one person fighting against the district that has no clue what people want in the store

    • “Murray ky KROGER removed the fresh ground peanut butter machines because they were not profitable enough!!!!”
      “This is my second month of boycotting this store…..just one person fighting against the district that has no clue what people want in the store”

      Lololol! We used to have those peanut butter machines in my store in California, but they removed it because nobody would buy them. Sounds like their district decision was a good one. You and a handful of others are probably the only ones complaining about it. You can live without it, but if you can’t then drive to those other ones. Not every store is gonna be the same.

  197. I shop at Kroger #373 in Jonesboro, GA often but am very pleased with customer service throughout all Kroger stores.
    Particularly I enjoy seeing a variety of people as managers, employees and customers. The faces and dispositions of customers change and despite a rough day and long line cashier’s deal with, they still try to keep that smile. You sometimes see these same workers in other places in the community ex. schools and neighborhood establishments.
    Thanks Marjorie from store mentioned above for remembering my name and always presenting great customer service. As an educator, at the end of a tough day, it decreases stress when I know I need to shop for dinner etc in a place that is welcoming.

    • I enjoy my time shopping @ Kroger & always find what I’m shopping for & just the right prices too.

  198. this is my regular store that I buy groceries and gas and know lots of employees. they are always nice and very helpful.

    • trying to find place to get to bc never get to fill out what I need to,

  199. I have been the web site for 30 minutes reading everything but what I signed on to do. Why is it not two clicks and you are taking the survey?

    • Brazil IN Kroger employees are always friendly and courteous and go out of their way to help the customer.

  200. On March 16th I left my handbag at the checkout & left the store at 160 N. Coit in Dallas. Elvis, my cashier, sent someone to stop me outside, then personally brought my handbag to me. I am very grateful to him for his kindness & fast action.

  201. I’m still so confused about my different rewards.!!!!!!!!
    I don’t understand rewards points and how to claim them, then you have credit card points monthly that add up . How are they claimed ????? then you have fuel points that show their good for different months but yet at the pumps the clerks don’t or are not able to see what month your using when you fuel..

  202. Very friendly pharmacy dept. transfered the the whole family to krogers this year.very very helpful.christy was very helpful and nice

  203. your survey is a joke and I think you need to eliminate the instant phone calls that are generated as soon as one of the questions are answered.
    Jane and Grand at the Princeton Glendale store were exceptional
    Survey #014-241-101-919-6-107

  204. -I- have shopped at Kroger for the last 30 years and was going to take survey until I discovered it is just a way get information for your different vendors so the can try to sell me something I received 4 phone calls from different suppliers of cable, diabetic supplies and so forth as soon as I completed that part of the survey. I was not interested in this type of service from Kroger. I did not complete the survey due to the fact it had nothing to do with my store experience.
    I agree with one of the comments that this survey was a joke. Thanks but no thanks on a $100.00 gift certificate if I have to endure the phone calls that I am not interested in.
    My experience at the Princeton-Glendale Rd. store was exceptional. entry ID was # 014-241-101-919-6-107
    –Jane and Grant were great.

  205. We always enjoy shopping at Kroger. Store is always clean, things are easy to find, prices are good.

  206. We always shopping at Kroger. Store is always clean, things are easy to find, prices are good.

  207. Shopping was great.

  208. I’ve been a loyal Ralph’s customer for years … but I’m about to stop. Please STOP all these gimmicky sales (digital coupons, one day sales etc.) and just have things on sale, or not.

  209. I want to tell you about the rude clerk at store in lafayette, IN. since I do not have any numbers that work from this receipt, I need her to ring up water refills, since your store is not is not updated with doing it your self, the little rude gril came up to me and said ” whats your problem” can you beleave that.

  210. I have tried SEVERAL TIMES to correct my profile and download digital coupons and customer service never answers the phone and the website will not allow me to correct the info??????????????? WHAT IS THE NEXT STEP TO CORRECT A PROFILE??????????

  211. I wanted to fill out the Kroger survey for 50 fuel pits. After 20 minuets of surveying, I have yet to find “Kroger “ listed anywhere. Thx for wasting my time.

  212. The people who work at Groveport Kroger are always very hejpful and p!easant. They are more than willing to help you to locate what you need. Happy we have the store here.

  213. Some times I can get to the survey with no problem

  214. Today, March 9, 2018 I was in the Riverton, WY store and had another pleasant experience. Robin, Becky and Maxine made me feel like I was the only customer in the store. All of them are great representatives for your organization. I’ve been shopping at Smith’s for over ten years and have never had anything except excellent customer service. I am thankful they are here in Riverton!

    p.s., I like the new front doors display.

  215. Brandon was simply exceptional. He answered all my questions with energy and displayed a positive attitude. It showed he enjoys his job. Cashier at store 4015 Buffalo.Drive Las Vegas Nv 89147


  216. Brandon was simply exceptional. He answered all my questions with energy and displayed a positive attitude. It showed he enjoys his job. Cashier at store 4015 Buffalo.Drive Las Vegas Nv 89147

  217. I was displeased with my cashier service today, it was NOT customer satisfaction. No hello, welcome to Kroger and of course no thank you for your purchase, have a good night. The problem is that these employees need to realize how important each and every customer walking through the line is, because there’s a Publix within walking distance with smiling faces at the door. My cashier was Meghan at the 1122 Powers Ferry Road Marietta, GA store. Meghan act as if she was mad with the world. To start, Meghan had on a red shirt, NO NAME BADGE which should be required before coming to the register. Cashiers, be more humble, and thankful like at Chic-fil-a. I not used to spending my hard earn money with such disrespectful attitudes.

  218. Thanks to Rebecca who was very helpful checking me out in the self service line this morning and who then ran the bag that I forgot out to me in the snow!!!

    I received excellent customer service at the Lafayette Greenbush store.

    Thanks again Rebecca

  219. I was pleased with the assistance that “Ask Me – Gary” provided yesterday at Kroger #644. He was helping to explain the Buy 5 Save $5 program that’s currently going on. He was very helpful and kind. Keep up the great work

  220. Since your have placed your misguided view on the second amendment. I have decided i will no longer step inside your store again. Your company is not part of the solution you are part of the problem.

  221. I would like to put in a good word for a customer service manager, his name is Brian. I was having issues with my rewards coupon, and he took his time to get on the computer and help me figure out what happened that it wasn’t being accepted at the register. we figured it out and instead of me losing out on that money, he issued me a gift card in the amount of the coupon. You should be very proud to have associates like Brian working for your company.

  222. I have been on this website for 20 minutes trying to take the customer service survey. What a joke. I don’t want to fill out anything but the Kroger survey and have not found it yet. I just wanted to praise Lyndsey and Blake at the Independence Ky store. I was there 2/24/18 at 2pm. There were friendly, helpful and fun.

  223. According to the copyright disclaimer at the end of the page of repetitive general information, this site has NO AFFILIATION with Kroger. Does that mean any compliments , suggestion or questions are not heard? Or at least not heart by someone who cares.
    Why is this irrelevant useless site here at all?

  224. Just tried to take the online survey, not able, it kept taking me to other sites. I love my Kroger store on Dallas Acworth Hwy.

  225. I have trouble getting on the survey for fuel points and also to tell you how much i like the Kroger employees at your Rainelle West store.

  226. I am always pleased with the service I get at the Pharmacy Dept.
    Everyone is friendly, especially Donna W. who is always eager to assist and very knowledgeable about meds.
    I recommend anybody to this Pharmacy, Kroger on Hwy 70.
    Thanks for all the help.

  227. I never had bad experience with the pharmacy dept.
    Everyone is friendly and informative about my medicines, especially Donna W. who is always eager to help and knowledgeable.
    I recommend anybody to this pharmacy.

  228. Excellent helpers in the store: Maxine, John (or Joe) in the grocery area, Sarah helped me with yard fence, Jozette in the fruit. Everyone was helping above and beyond their call of duty.

  229. Horrible experience. Billma in the deli is rude I have been ordering the 5 piece wing meal for a while now. Last night Billma told me that the wing dings comes with the meal, but that’s not true you are suppose to have whole wings with the meal. I just thank God that the chicken was already dead because the way she threw the wing-dings back inside of the warmer it would have been dead if it was alive.She was very unprofessional and very rude she and this is not the first time she has been this way to me.

  230. I was pleased with the service at the checkout. Elijah checked me out, had a smile and was helpful and respectful. Andrew, the bagger, helped load 2 bags of salt pellets and my other groceries. Both are outstanding young men.

  231. I have been trying for about 30 minutes to “Tell you how you are doing” and it seems like it is impossible. I can never get to the place to put. Date, Time, or Entry ID I was going to tell you from visits I have at your stores you are doing great, but trying to take your survey stinks!!!!

  232. This is a ridiculously convoluted process! Every Survey link I clicked delivered more pages of text with more links and more instructions. I couldn’t find the trees for the forest.

    I wanted to praise my favorite checker but I gave up after 5 minutes on the website listed on my receipt!

    If you want customers to complete surveys you need to make it a one-click process. Deliver me directly to the survey page and point me to the place I need to start filling in the date and time, etc. Otherwise, I gone!

    • I TOTALLY agree with Mike Cox in regards to this ridiculous diatribe of crap we have to read through just trying to find the damn survey to begin with; and come up empty every time. I have been looking for 45 minutes and now I give up!

  233. All good have a great experience evertime

  234. I dont find the feedback process easy. I wanted to give a shout out to Mary J. in the Canyon Crest Riverside Fresh Faire store….She tops any customer service I have seen anywhere. I am sorry that I am not fiding the process a little easier to do this comment on a survey. I was successful at making it through your complicated process of surveys once. There have been many more times I have wanted to give feedback.
    Mary is kind, compassionate, an asset to your store. She has the qualities any manager would be thrilled with!! She is efficient, professional, engaging with customers. It seems as if she has the most important job of any by the way she mangages it…Many praises for a job well done.. She is one of the reasons I shop at that store.

  235. I like to shop at our local Ralphs. I like the variety and the prices are usually pretty good!
    Everyone there is friendly and helpful. What more could I ask. I also like getting money
    off when I go to put gas in my car! This is all very helpful. I shopped at Ralphs in Magnolia Center today a few hours ago.

  236. I picked up a prescription 2/14/18. Normally i ask if they put my points on and they always do. I did not ask this particular day and when I got home they were not added. No id number to do the survey. I had 2 prescriptions I picked up at another Kroger store and the points for 2/16/18 were added on but none for the 2/14/18, I wasn’t going to say anything but this is the second time this has happened with this same associate. The pharmacy cashier was Carol. 1428 Marion Waldo Rd Marion Ohio. Ref #014619 $15.67 2/14/18 03:00pm 80830069512, That is all the information on receipt. Also I am not getting points added via alternate id. 7402621591 is alternate id Kroger Plus Card #4 23256 82163 0

  237. I would like to thank the “fish guys” at the Ralphs, 4311 Admiralty Blvd, Marina del Rey. Most recently, Jesus Cernas, who handles fish and meat, has been very helpful. He gave me good information about salmon — farm raised, antibiotic-free, etc., and cut me a beautiful piece that made a great dinner. He is quick to help with any issues. The meat dept. people are also very helpful, for example, holding an item for me until I can come in for it, checking for items not on the shelf, etc. I can’t name all the names, but thanks, you folks!.

  238. I am Kroger’s for a long time and I always get the best service, but a few nights ago after my shopping from Kroger I lost my cellphone and when I went back to see if I left it in the shop, one of their employees just went all the way and helped me to find my phone. Such a nice guy. I just want to mention his name because he deserves five stars and should be the best employee of the month!1 🙂 Tyrone K.Pelzer your the best!!

  239. I injoy my visit to the 9000Staples Mill Road store.

  240. I hope this gets seen by Gaby in the Deli section at 11361 National Blvd, Los Angeles! I have been in this Ralph’s a bunch of times, and I had to lift up Gaby. She get’s bombarded daily, and always has a great attitude! I don’t know, her, never actually met her or had a conversation longer that 25 seconds. I’m just a customer that wants to her up! She is what customer service is all about. Thank you Gaby for making my lunch breaks happier! You are always smiling, always attentive and you let your customers know you see them when they walk up. You are awesome… I hope your manager, Harry, gives you a bonus, or something, because you truly go above and beyond for your customers!

  241. I’ve Been Shopping There For 20 Years. Love That Store. Loleen Is Always Smiling And Polite.

  242. trying to take the survey how do i go about it?

  243. Hi I would like to make a very nice comment on your sea food an meat dept guy Scott he is The most kind person an so professional when he helps you an always polite the whole time please is there a way you can applaud him with a letter of recognition for his work an responsbilitys he takes greate pride in what he doses when at work

  244. My name is Charlie Charles and I purchased some seafood from your Kroger store at Geyer Springs and baseline in Little Rock,AR. on super bowl Sunday 2/4/18. I bought a lobster tail that night and when I started eating it I tasted something strange, on my second bite I tasted an ammonia type of taste some I thru it away. In the middle of the night I woke up with watery diarrhea. I called the store and spoke to one of the managers who told me they would refund my money. When I finally felt well enough to go to the store a customer service person called the manger to clear the refund and gave my approx. $5.63, and proceeded to take care of the next customer, the manager did not come up to speak to me personally. I did not leave with a good feeling and certainly did not feel $ 5.63 and no personal apology was sufficient.

  245. check out lady was really nice thanks for having employees like her

  246. Just forgot we are also getting a waffle house soon. in Mossy Head FL. thanks again J.R.

  247. Have you thought of opening a Tom Store in Mossy Head Florida, we are 15 miles west of Defuniak Springs that is part of Defuniak Springs FL 32433 it is growing and we have a lot of people out here and we need a good station to get gas and food and a nice Deli would go over big here. we have a station but its sucks it is a raceway that has been here for ages. we also have other business’s like a truck sales and a big tire sale another truck sales and repair shop. Just was putting it out there for your company this is the time to get a new station started. we also have a loves truck stop but it is always full, they have McDonalds and Subway but always full and the service is soooo slow. I have very good visions and I really think your company would profit from should look into this… Just a heads UP Thanks J.R.

  248. I went in to the Kroger store in Sandusky OH and was short on cash. Tried to use my Master card debit card and could not use it as a charge card without the pin number. My pin number protects my bank accounts and it will not be surrendered to charge at your store. Cashier said Kroger made a deal with Mastercard to require a pin number for a regular charge. My reply is that I will take my business to another store and never do business with Kroger again.

  249. Yesterday, February 6, 2018 I was check out by Erica at the location of Crosstown Drive in Peachtree City. From the moment my boyfriend and I got near the register she gave us this disgusted look. As if she hated to see an Interracial Couple together. After our items were scanned I informed the cashier that I had coupons. I wanted to help her since I had 10 coupons which 4 were printed and the rest were newspaper coupons. I didn’t want to hold up her line. So I started handling them one by one but she got mad. Erica said, “Hand them to me if they scan they scan if not oh well.” When I gave her my coupons she started to make excuses on how she couldn’t take them. Stating that Kroger did not accept printed coupons and that was their coupon policy. I asked, “Where was this supposedly new policy written.” She stated that it was on the register but there was no sign indicting that there was a new change in the coupon policy. None of the registers had a sign stating that their was a new coupon policy.

    When I asked for the Manger. Erica went off saying, “I will call my Manager but he is not going to accept them because that’s our policy”. The entire moment she raised her tone on us and made remarks that she wouldn’t take our coupons because she would get fired. The Manger, Henry never showed up because he was not busy. So Erica went over to talk to him, according to her they would take the coupons only this time! An a threatening tone she stated that, “I will only this time take printed coupons from YOU I HOPE YOU UNDERSTAND THAT OKAY!

    After everything was paid for the Manger never showed up and I was never shown any document stating that there was a new coupon policy. I have gone to this Kroger in several occasions with my boyfriend and we have never been mistreated by any of the employees. We have used printed coupons before and no one has ever rejected our coupons. After this experience it is very clear that Interracial Couples are not welcome into their location! I rather take my money to Publix where they are friendly to their customers and coupon friendly. I REPEAT CROSSTOWN DRIVE IN PEACHTREE CITY DISCRIMINATES INTERRACIAL COUPLES!!!!!

  250. Kroger in Smyrna is the best. love the fresh foods and shelves are always full. Their store is always clean and employees are helpful if we can’t find something. Our cashier, Darrell, is always friendly to us and we always try to go through his lane. Keep up the good work !!!!!!

  251. I tried to do this survey to get some free stuff but the site will not do a survey unless you download some shit, what an epic waste of time.

  252. I can’t get any info to add I’d or anything else. See lots of people having same problem….. Now what What???????????

  253. Why do you make it so difficult to take the survey for fuel points?

  254. Why do you make it so difficult to get to the survey for fuel points?

  255. Like store very much 600East Main St. HEATH OHIO

  256. Smith is a dominant grocery store in Los Alamos in fact it’s the only grocery store. How can you not have chicken wings on Superbowl Sunday who is the manager of this low life store?

  257. I often have a difficult time finding the survey to get the 50 fuel points. Please try to make it easier.

  258. I don’t have an invitation but I wanted to praise Nasir at the Shallowford store. He takes great care of the produce department! It’s great to have the produce section at the main entrance; This store is stocked, clearly marked, and will organized!

  259. The Kroger Pharmacy at Delaware OH Columbus Pike have been so helpful &understanding,especially , Steve, my wife pasted away 3 weeks ago they have helped me every way they could. I just enjoy shopping at this store.

  260. Kroger is my store of choice and my most recent visit is receipt ID number # 029-244-89-408-66-155 on February 2, 2018 with Frances. She provides excellent service each and every time. We appreciate her personal attention and care. Thank you Frances!

  261. I love the. Smith’s on Maryland and Sahara the staff are courteous and helpful and respectful. They helpvyou with what you need and always have smiles on their face. ALL the staff everyone that works there I just appreciate them. Good combination of people !!!!

  262. I received a flu shot at our Kroger pharmacy and was very pleased with the friendliness and professionalism of the pharmacists. Also, it was the most comfortable shot I’ve ever had!!

    January 27, 2018
    03:05 pm
    Entry ID: 016-443-42-836-300-342

  263. I just left the store as to picking up my prescriptions, Nancy is always so nice and helpful, I just lost my insurance and had a coupon and she was so patient as to explain to me to just use the coupon not the good rx card I had printed. Saving my over 25.00 Thank You Nancy. I will be going back ..that’s MY frys> Laurie and Carrie are always very friendly also we actually call each other by name (how personal) Thumbs up everytime I shop there..

    Thank You and please share,
    Diane Walker

  264. Have not been able to take survey! Where do you start??? Have taken them before numerous times. never had this problem. Also there are so many different sites out there that say Kroger and they really aren’t Kroger. Getting discouraged!!

  265. I can not get this survey site to work. I used the old survey site all the time and it worked. Could you please fix this. I would like to get my 50 fuel points. I shop at the Kroger Marketplace in Clute, TX. Thank you

  266. This site is not working. I used the old survey all the time but can not get this one to work. I shop at the Kroger Marketplace in Clute, TX, 77531. Please fix this so that I can qualify for my 50 points.

  267. great service from ivonne and Dolores at edgewood store

  268. I spent $105.57 at Smiths in Lemmon Valley NV and never got a feedback # on my receipt to get my fuel points.
    For over 3 months I have been trying to buy regular Fixodent or double pack with coupon on digital coupons and can”t get either at that store. What is the problem? I don”t like having to go to Walmart for items you can’t get in or won’t try when I ask the manager. Wish Kevin had never left as manager. Thanks

  269. Have not been able to access survey

  270. Have not been able to take survey – why?

    • the clerk was very helpful

    • There is no survey mentioned on my receipt anywhere on the last two visits.What the heck?

  271. 018-232-8-495-8-16 I am not sure how to enter, it keeps taking me back to this page. Vicki did a wonderful job taking care of me. She was very professional

  272. Thank goodness the store is better than the web site.

  273. I have been a loyal King Soopers shopper for over fifty years. A new super store opened up near me recently and it is by far the most unfriendly grocery store I have ever shopped at…not just a once or twice experience but about 80% of the time. I will continue to shop at the store farther away and shop at the new one when time is of the essence. Too bad for me.

  274. I did not make it through your survey because I was worried about getting brain damage, you need to shorten it.
    I like your freaken store and extra points, lets not make them so hard to attain.

    Thank you,
    Ken Biesiada

  275. On December 14, 2017, I visited a King Soopers in Lakewood, CO. It was about 9:20pm. One of the employees named Patrick did a great job helping me with a malfunctioning chip on a credit card, which wouldn’t scan properly. He was positive, and provided fantastic customer service. Thanks to Patrick. I’ve almost always had great service at King Soopers stores in the Colorado Front Range area. Thanks.

  276. We would like to commend Doris (R.), our cashier at the So. Colorado Blvd store, and Jessica, our bagger. Both are always helpful, courteous and friendly. Kudoos to both of them. Thanks!

  277. I can’t find the survey.

    • Same here, I click on customer survey and it just goes back to the same page over and over again, it will not give me the survey at all. It must be a way to make people they will get something extra, and then give you nothing.

  278. My experience @ Kroger in Warner Robins georgia on Russell parkway in the pharmacy I always have excellency in counter service. Nathan is the kindness young man.

  279. My entry ID is 615-244-113-97-5-118

  280. Having trouble with the Kroger Customer Survey online to get the extra 50 fuel points. Have all my information ready to fill out survey. Please visit the site and make any corrections needed so it will work. I have trying for 3 days.

  281. I do not have my receipt due to the fact that I bought 4 packages, and have finally used the last one this week. I am referring to your heritage bacon. I assure you that I have tried to be a fare, and good customer of your product for years. I am sorry to say that your bacon does not meet your standard or your customer standards that I have experienced in the past. In order to prove my point I am making a challenge to your butchers across your distribution area.

    1. have each and every butcher that you supply heritage bacon, to take one package home with them and sample the product and give feed back to you.

    2. have your customer relations department due the same.

    3. Have your department that cuts and packages the bacon , have there manager and production head due the same.

    I am sure you will be surprised with there findings and will make the necessary corrections to make the product proud to carry the Kroger Name again. Thank you for your time.

  282. really good service

  283. cannot get ID to take at all just Jackie Haas . wanda dooley

  284. I love shopping at Ralph’s Market in Canyon Crest, all employees are very friendly and helpful.
    You use to carry Beau Monde Seasoning, please stock again.

  285. I have spent the last hr. trying to get 50 fuel pts.

  286. Sharah L served me as cashier.
    Wonderful job. very nice

  287. Same here on not being able to access survey. Mary Foster from Deli invited us to enter. Kroger hwy 20 South in Covington. She is one of the few deli people who slices it as thin as we like. Most shred it or show a thin slice then hand us a bag of slices 5 times thicker than what was shown. Lazy. Also the long time employee always friendly funny & helpful at the courtesy counter has left and the replacements need replacing. Bring her back. I’m guessing a management change caused that. An idiot drunk on power? Single middle aged woman?? Anyway Would have liked a try in winning that money.

  288. I shop at kroger in crawfordsville Ind . weekly. I like the produce department. The workers are good at helping you when you ask.

  289. Cannot get ID to take. So I can’t take the survey. What is the pro blem

  290. Having trouble with the Kroger Customer Survey online that you use your receipt to get 50 extra fuel points. I have been doing this survey for years, but now it does not appear to be working as usual. Please visit the site and correct.

  291. I shop at Krogers throughout the week and on 1/09/18 I went to check out at 8:40am (entry ID: 025-252-12-629-1-13) and my debit card was denied. What was an awkward situation for me the cashier handled it very discreetly and saved me any embarrassment from customers behind me. Her name is Brenda and I try and use her every time I shop there as she is friendly and explains my discounts, etc..

  292. My back is killing me. Standing in a line 4 deep is not an option. Only one regular line open. So I had to get in the 15 items or less line two of which were open with no customers. Boy did that cashier give me dirty looks and there was no mistaking what she thought of me! I wanted to tell her take it up with your boss but instead I am telling you directly. The manager was on the only other open line but said he was closed. He said he didn’t have anyone else to help. Normally I like shopping at Smith’s but not today.

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