Kroger VPN CDC – Pulse Connect Secure

Kroger VPN CDC: Kroger Co and the company employees had to access the portal and connect to Kroger Instant Virtual Extranet.

The VPN network or portal is managed by The Kroger Co and HR Team.

When Kroger employees or associates access the Kroger Virtual Extranet portal which is referred to as

Kroger VPN CDC – Kroger VPN Login

kroger vpn cdc

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These websites can be accessed from anywhere even if they are on leave or at home, or even during their vacation.

If employees want to access any employee portal like., Kroger Express HR or, then the Kroger associates had to connect to VPN Kroger by accessing the Kroger Instant Virtual Extranet website.

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VPN Kroger

VPN is a Virtual Private Network managed by Kroger Co and it is commonly referred to as Kroger Instant Virtual Extranet. Employees had to access the Pulse Connect Secure.

VPN CDC Kroger –

Below we had mentioned the official website of VPN CDC Kroger, which can be effectively useful for the employees to access several employment tools such as, work schedules, pay stubs, direct deposit, and more.

The official website of Kroger VPN is

The alternate website is

Kroger VPN Login

Now here is the complete set of instructions on how employees can access the Kroger VPN login page from If you have any issues accessing the website, kindly follow the below steps to access VPN CDC Kroger sign-in procedure:

Things required for

  • An electronic device with an Internet Connection. (Laptop/Mobile/Desktop/PC)
  • Kroger Associate UserID & Password.

How to Login to Kroger VPN

Follow the below steps to access easily:

  1. From any preferred device, access the web browser and enter on the address bar and press the enter key.
  2. Click on the Terms Button to read the terms and conditions which can be found near the login button.
  3. Carefully read the corporate security instructions on the login page.
  4. Enter the employee userID and password.
  5. Now select the profile section:
    • Enterprise
    • Vendor
    • SSLVPN
    • TwoFactor
  6. After selection the profile option, click on the “Sign In” button.

Now the kroger employees can access the employee self-service option and other several tools related to their employment.

If there is any issue, feel free to leave a comment.

We will help you with the proper solution to your problems with Kroger VPN CDC portal.

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