from Kroger offers all the information related to their work. Greatpeople is a website associated with The Kroger & co inc for its employees to know more about what’s happening at the company. Customers who shop frequently at Kroger can leave a review or share their shopping experience at and get 50 bonus fuel points on their loyalty card.

Similar to Kroger Survey program, there is one more company that listens to the customer is McDonald’s. By accessing the McDVoice, customers can participate in a 10-minute survey and answer questions related to their shopping experience.

All the associates of Kroger can have access to this website to know about the employment news and updates at Kroger. Along with this, If you ever want to access express hr for Kroger, then get access to the official portal at

Similarly, Kroger uses the latest product to express hr to manage their recruiting workflow system for its employees. Expresshr and greatpeople are two different portals specially dedicated for its associates.

In the express hr portal, people can register for any job at Kroger while at the greatpeople portal only the employees and the associates of The Kroger & Co can participate to get updates about their work schedules, paystubs, paychecks, tax filling and more.

Kroger wants to hear from its customer about their service and product quality under Kroger Stores feedback program which can be accessed from

When a customer completes their survey, they can enter the sweepstakes program and get a chance to win $5000 grand cash price as gift card and lots and lots of 50 bonus fuel points.

How to Use

If you are struggling to access Kroger’s greatpeople website, here is our guide on how you could use it properly and effectively. The website is easy to access from any devices.

Anyway follow the below steps to access greatpeople login for employees:

Steps to login greatpeople me portal:

  • You need to visit the official website portal of Kroger’s greatpeople from here –
  • Before doing the above step, make sure you have the enterprise id and password.
  • In case if you don’t have the enterprise id, we recommend you to get this information from your store/retail manager.
  • When you visit the above URL, you will be directed taken to the login screen where you need to enter your login credentials ie., enterprise id and password.
  • If you had forgotten your password or need to change the old password, then use this URL ( and follow the necessary instructions to change your password.
  • Generally, the passwords are not provided by Kroger. These have temporary login to create a new password with highly secured parameters like alphanumeric characters with symbols.
  • Once you had logged in to your account, you can check your work schedules, product discounts, apply for leave, and there are more things that can be done at the website directly.
  • Also, you can check job-related inquiries too. Kroger will list the current no of vacancies for the job and you can refer your friends and family also.
  • If there is a change in your work schedule, you will be notified once you logged in to the website.
  • These are the day-to-day activities at Kroger workspace.

No need of saying greatpeople portal makes an easier task for the Kroger employees to do the daily work in an easy way. All the employees of Kroger always feel they are great since they don’t find any difficulties in their work.

Kroger offers a customer feedback portal ie., krogerfeedback 50 fuel points survey program, for its customer to improve their quality of product and their services by requesting them to answer a few questions related to their purchase

Greatpeople Portal

All information regarding their employees is up to date which can make a difference in their work environment. Its all depends on the commitment of the employees. Most of the employees are dedicated and hard-working, Kroger always pays them back with the best benefits.

Kroger Jobs:

So, you might be wondering about how to apply for Kroger jobs. Before that, you need to follow closely with one of the Kroger employees so that you get the latest updates from job openings. Next, you might need to fill the application form based on your interest in the desired positions after this follow the interview process and get hired.

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  1. I am addressing Kroger hr hiring policies. I was a long term employee until I retired 4 years ago. I recently applied for part time work and was turned down. no reason was given and so I have to assume it was either age related or my work record was less than acceptable. Since I know the later is not true I have to assume age related reasons.

  2. It truly is bad when you are helping a customer a self check out and a impatient customer comes up asking for management because he doesn’t want to scan his items up as he usually does and management tells you in front of ur first customer that the rude customer comes first. Great management Austin Hoyt store 870. Oct1, 2019

  3. The website is broken and I can’t check my schedule. Its been broken every since i started working here (about a year ago) but now it’s even worse. I cannot even get into the website at all anymore. I cannot check my schedule or request days off. I am a student and need to know my schedule at all times.

  4. I try to login into great people or feed I never can. I try desk top, laptops, tablets, phones. Always get some type of log in error and it either locks me out until I go to my store or for over 24 hrs. I work nights so hard to get to my store when the right people are there to help. It’s frustrating

  5. I’ve worked for Kroger for 5 years and I’m no longer a employee. It’s been 6 months since. I forgotten my user ID and password. I need to get my info on how long I’ve worked there for a new job.

  6. AS WE ALL ARE Aware there will be damaged goods and products as a night workerwhen I come in on my shift the things that find needed to be refrigerated are left out during the day busy or not staffed to do go backs If there was a cooler or small refrigerator in the front separated depts for meat milk fish these products wouldn’t be left out and sold to customers with no ideal how long product has been out stickers on what time this was given to worker food poisoning isn’t good


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