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From ExpressHR Menu, You can able to make various changes to your employee information. List of options available on Kroger Express HR are managing your information, personal profile, address change, direct deposit change, emergency contact, paystub, total compensation and W-4 Change.

ExpressHR – Kroger Express HR


Kroger HR

Kroger Human Resource helps in recruiting employees for the various outlet in United States. Every month Kroger expands their business in various part as a result there is always a need to have more employees to manage their standard. Hence every month people all over the US applies for these jobs and the entire process will be managed on ExpressHR.

Kroger Express HR

Kroger HR main focus is empowering the company’s employee with expresshr product and services for organisations. As Express HR offers more various products and services to help Kroger associates minimize their working system. On SecureWEB Login, Kroger associates can use their secure id and password to login to their dashboard.

  • Kroger offers kroger feedback, a customer survey portal to participate in their sweepstakes program.
  • Check other post about – customer survey for mcdonalds user.

On, Employees of kroger can manage their time schedule, work timings, payroll and other communication with other employees. Various benefits of the employees will be available directly on Kroger HR. Employees can make use of these options to get full benefits for them.

Express HR is all about managing and delivering the best in class recruiting and resourcing service with better result. From Expresshr you get to access to various tools and products specially for bigger organization in organizing the workflow of their recruiting and resourcing.

63 thoughts on “ExpressHR • Kroger Express HR – SSO Login”

  1. This is the worst website for any type of help.
    I will have to find a phone number and call a call center?
    There should be concise hyperlinks to help the employees access their pay stubs and the information we need at a moment’s notice.
    Poor quality once again. Employees get the worse consideration.

  2. Hello i was recently employed but my Termination was the 10/25/19. I was curious on how it works to view my last pay stub?
    So what about vacation time and sick pay do i get paid out for that?
    How can j reach you guts by phone #

  3. I have been blocked from entering the frogerfeedback survey saying the the info I entered does not allow me to enter the survey. This has happened the last 3 times I have tried to enter.
    Why am I being blocked?

  4. Lee Gardenswartz

    I shopped at Ralph’s this morning in Westchester, CA and because I am hosting someone for the next 2 days that just got out of the hospital, I needed certain foods and textures. I started with produce and met Tony. When I asked him for help, he was unbelievably helpful and gracious. He then took me to find other foods like sweet breads. His kindness and helpfulness was amazing and I rarely get that kind of service anywhere!!! Please acknowledge his great work. thank you.

    1. Still trying to find my schedule dumbasses keep changing everything and everything is a secret so no has communicated and let anyone know where to find it. Great people was good and worked so let’s change things that work. Now no one can find anything maybe since no one can find anything and it’s a big secret maybe we all should just not show up

  5. you changed greatpeople to Feed and it sucks. Its impossible to get in or to even find. really stupid, It’s not that hard to make a website n keep up with the schedules I can show you how. anyways if you can make stuff that works that’ll help, and stop changing programs n websites they all don’t work. really disappointed since I started working for Kroger.

    1. I whole hardly agree been sitting here for an hour looking for my next week schedule. I have no clue. Bring back great please 🤪😬🤪

  6. Rondine Collins

    what is going on? is this kroger site meant to confuse the worker? i cannot find out what i am making hourly….and i have work for krogers for 9 yrs!!!! This has got to STOP! the technology at krogers is top notch….i need my fingerprint to clock in…the lights in the aisles turn off when you are not in them!!!!we have recording @ the U scan….why can i not ACCESS my information…even my Schedule!!!!! SO I CAN BE @ WORK ON TIME?????? YOUR TOP EXECUTIVES JUST RECEIVED BONUSES…….yOU ARE BREAKING OUR BLUE COLLAR BACKS…….LITERALLY……

    1. Darn right they are, I am newish myself but will make sure everyone knows about this and how hard it is to navigate between the 4 different portals you go through.

  7. I signed up for deposit onto debit card, its been two weeks without a paycheck , what should I expect this Thursday
    Thank you

    Patrick G OBrien

  8. Hello,
    I work at the Fred Meyer in Ballard Seattle, WA. I want to request vacation time but I am lost on this website. Could someone please direct me to the proper place to request vacation time?

    Thank you!

  9. Never received my W-2s….Was told to go to express what ? I don’t see anything about how to get my tax info…plz help!!

  10. hello I’m a new employee also I’m trying to get into my website with u and it will not let me I’m trying to check out my paystub cause I feel like I have not been paid enough. Need HR phone number.

  11. I am trying to change my address-we have a 911 address now please let me know where I need to go to do this!!

    1. You can get HR express from home except late night till wee hrs.on week ends..Make sure to put your employee ID and the password correct.

  12. I was using Express HR from home on my Laptop but now I cannot get it. I know you guys are secure but can we not access it from home??? It keeps saying page not found. Thanks, Pam

  13. Jordan Feathers

    hello, I am a new employee at Fred Meyer and was told to log into Express-HR so that I could set up direct deposit, however I found out that I am unable to log back into my account once I have logged in already and forgot to log out. Every time I try to log in a window pops up and says ” sorry you could not be authenticated at this time please try again later.” and then brings me back to the log in screen, where it repeats if i try to log in again. I understand that the information on Express-HR is highly personal and I appreciate the length at which you guys take to ensure that it remains private. HOWEVER i find it extremely frustrating that I cannot sign in on my own computer that know one else uses to set up direct deposit at the place that I am employed. Please reply quickly, thank you.

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