Collect the opinions of your customers: how to do it?

One of the best ways to get people talking about you is to hear from your customers.

This is a decisive first step in building customer loyalty.

With the rise of the Internet, came the proliferation of sites to collect opinions.

Today, sites like Trip Advisor, Facebook, or Kroger on Trust Pilot, give Internet users the opportunity to express themselves on an establishment for all to see.

Gone are the days when consumers let themselves go to improvisation to choose their provider, their convenience store or even their restaurant.

Now, they connect to the Internet and scan the various sites in search of the company with the most positive reviews before embarking on the act of purchasing.

Replacing word-of-mouth version 2.0, customer opinions on the Internet are being consulted more and more.

They are your allies to convince your prospects to let themselves be seduced.

Here are some tips to help you improve your services thanks to the opinions of your customers.

Collect to improve your site

When making a purchase on your e-commerce site, consider giving your customer an opportunity to rate their purchasing experience.

Also give him the option to leave a comment.

Many sites like eBay, Amazon, or Kroger Inc provide this kind of satisfaction module, very concise, which allows future users to know the quality of your shipments.

In addition, certain opinions can be valuable to you in order to improve the navigation of your site, to know the frustrations of your customers or the strengths of your site, to highlight. Customers share their shopping feedback opinions through the Kroger Feedback survey program using the Entry ID printed on the shopping receipt.

This will improve the user experience with Kroger Online shopping and get lots of positive reviews.

Indeed, it is very rewarding for an Internet user to note that the company has heard his complaint and followed his advice.

Collect to retain

As we explained above, collecting reviews can help you build customer loyalty.

It is important for this to respond to negative reviews by leaving aside any bitterness and placing yourself on the side of the consumers.

Know how to stay calm and remain courteous and responsive. Try to ease tensions, offer solutions such as compensation, or a product as a gift. Be transparent and show Internet users that in the event of a dispute, you will be able to respond and assume.

You will thus give an image of a listening and honest company like the Kroger.

Where and how to collect reviews?


Kroger makes use of this opportunity and it has its own portal ie., Kroger Feedback which takes customer opinions and asks about their shopping experience. These websites can be reached at or

Giving Internet users the possibility to leave a comment directly via your site is a good way to increase your conversion rate, that is to say to increase your chances of converting a prospect into a customer.

Thus, new visitors will be able to read the reviews and make the purchase with reassurance.

Tip  : You can insert a few press clippings or positive reviews left on social media if you want to feed your site.


Giving consumers the option to leave a review on a third-party site is a great way to gain visibility.

You thus increase your chances of bringing new visitors to your site, attracted by your positive opinions.


You also have the possibility to collect opinions directly in store during a checkout.

If you choose this solution, be careful not to overload the number of questions on your satisfaction survey.

Note : you can also set up an online questionnaire to collect opinions, public or not, to improve your services. Many free platforms provide tools to integrate a short questionnaire.
We recommend Google Form, Survey Monkey, or LimeSurvey.


You will understand, the opinions of Internet users are more and more important in the mechanics of taking action by your future customers. Read and listen to your customers.

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