Customer Satisfaction

Everyone has heard the motto “the customer is king”. In terms of customer satisfaction, what does this really mean? To keep your customers, you need to be able to answer this question.

Jérôme BERGER, manager of Kroger &Co Executive, offers you to establish what customer satisfaction means for your own business.

What is customer satisfaction?

Customer satisfaction, everyone talks about it but ultimately few care. 

What is customer satisfaction and what is the point of worrying about it? 

From a theoretical point of view, it is accepted that a customer will be satisfied when the product he uses is destroyed. Krogerfeedback survey using the Entry ID, customers can win free gift cards, and fuel rewards after sharing their shopping experience.

It is therefore at the end of a product’s life that we can tell if we are satisfied. In practice, a customer is deemed to be satisfied if he continues to purchase our products or services. 

But beware: even if he continues to buy, he may be dissatisfied on one or more points and eventually end up buying a competing product.

Why invest in customer satisfaction?

By definition a customer is unfaithful because he is always looking for better and cheaper. It is therefore essential to regularly measure satisfaction to determine what we need to improve; what we need to do to keep this client. We all know what it costs to lose a customer and what it costs to gain a new one. 

It is just as essential to know the dissatisfaction of our prospects. We will thus have the opportunity to correct their dissatisfaction by offering them our products or services. 

Measuring the satisfaction of our customers is therefore a means of building loyalty and improving our proposals. That is to say, to make them more suited to the needs of our customers and future prospects.

How to measure customer satisfaction?

It is very easy to measure customer satisfaction. Just ask them what you think is most important to them: product, price, delivery, service, etc. To ask them these questions, you can simply attach a short questionnaire to your invoices or delivery notes. 

You can also question them by email or ask their opinion on your website. Telephone contact will also be a good way to question them and a good opportunity to make a new appointment.

Rest assured: although customers are used to this kind of survey, they still appreciate being asked for their opinion. And even if your survey return rate is low, you’ll be surprised to learn what’s really on your mind. You can then easily improve on points that you did not know until now. 

Keep in mind that a dissatisfied customer tells everyone and a satisfied customer doesn’t tell anyone. This is not quite correct because when you are really satisfied you want to share it with others. The recommendation rate of your customers is therefore a formidable promotion vector.

So good measure of satisfaction!

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